This Is Why Young People Don’t Buy Cars And Apartments Anymore


We, the millennials are the ‘free generation’; free in the sense of responsibilities and also material bondage. We are a generation that is breaking away from all the societal stereotypes and dogma including the idea of settling down in one place.

The latest trend ‘not to invest in expensive, permanent material property’. Be it the houses or even cars. The idea being that such investments limit the scope of exploring the life further. A permanent house would fixate them in one place. While the car wouldn’t hinder the life in the same way as the house would. But an expensive vehicle or any other expensive good would add on the existent stress in life. The current generation is already levied with a lot of work related and societal pressure. Hence, anything that adds on to their already burdened lives is rejected, outrightly.


There are majorly five reasons that the sociologists have been able to boil the whole matter down to as to why is the current generation moving away from the classical notions of a successful life.

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1. Constant depletion of interest in material things

Our generation seeks freedom from the material world. Heavy properties make them feel more chained than secure.

2. Irrelevance of the concept of ownership

More experiences = More happiness
More the number of experiences more the sense of social, emotional, as well as spiritual fulfillment one feels.

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3. Experiences have a greater gift of friendship to offer

Experiences, even the bad ones, give us the best memories. Also, social networking that one builds by not restricting themselves to a single place adds to our status as a global citizen.

4. Material things add-on to the otherwise piling up stress

Expensive things = High stress.
More expensive the possessions, more is the owner worried.

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5. Everything will eventually lose its value

Everything depreciates.
Everything, including a house and car, loses value over time. Hence makes for an absolute waste of money.

Gathering experiences of the world are the greatest possessions ever.