You’ll Regret Not Doing These 17 Things When You Grow Old: So, Wake Up Now


So what happens when you grow old? Of course, when time passes, you will have several regrets for not having done that, said it or gone there when you were able to.

Read on to find the top 17 regrets of old age.

1. Tours and Trips

Go on a Tour

You always had so many chances to go on a tour but kept it for later. When family members, responsibilities and illness takes over with time you will regret over those missed opportunities.

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2. Didn’t Learn a Language

Learn a language

In your young age your mind is fresh and ready to take in information. Every new language can be an add-on asset for your career.

3. Clinging on to a breaking relationship

Staying in a bad relationship

When you realize that your relationship is not going in the right direction, you should get over sooner, else you will regret for not doing so.

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4. Dumping the Sunscreen

Not having used sunscreen at the right time

With age wrinkles and skin diseases take over. You can avoid it if you use a good sunscreen. Check for some good sunscreens.
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5. Missed Concerts

Missed the concert

When you have the time and energy, go to that concert. Sometimes it may never be possible later.

6. Succumbing to the Mind Barriers

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Go out of your comfort zone and try things which you are scared to so that you may not look back and regret.

7. Take Care of your Body

Stay Healthy

After 40, there comes a threshold level of physical activity that you can indulge in. So, make sure that you pump up your exercise rather than dozing on the couch.
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8. Taking up the Gender Roles

Do gender roles matter?Being woven into cultural norms you might have stuck to it believing in the old man’s words” this gender is not supposed to do that”.

9. Staying in a Disgusting Job

Stay Away from the Stressed job

Every day is precious and you do not have to fight to stay in an office that seems more like hell. Find some better alternatives.

10. Not Taking Studies Seriously

Study when you have to

Of course, your school scores will not give you a better job. But, you will later repent for not having utilized your time when all you had to do was to study.
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11. Not having admired yourself

Admire yourself

In our teenage we fail to realize how rocking we are. It is only later that you understand that you were beautiful.

12. Holding Back that ‘I Love You’

Say I love you

In your later years, you will surely repent for not having your loved one know how much you loved him/ her.
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13. Not Heeding Parent’s Advice

LIsten to parents advice

The most irritating part of being young was the advice from parents, but later in life you understand its value.

14. Being Self Absorbed

self absorbed

Oh yes, this will break you when you think about it later.

15. Over concerned about people’s opinion

Concerned about opinion

When you are past your teenage, you will eventually learn to be yourself.

16. Not playing with your kids

no time to play with kids

When your kids are grown up, you will wonder why you never played with them when they needed you to.

17. For not being a performer

Be a performer

Not all, but some feel that they should have learned a party trick or shined with their talents in school or in their young age.

Many may have their own list, some points may be common but everyone has a different regret while they get older. Let us know what you regret..
And the base point it, try to do it when your young so that you can reduce your regrets list.