You may get a Pink slip, if you are doing any of these things!!


Now a days in big corporate companies, they hire you quickly as well as fire you equally fast. This is the trend that goes on in most of the companies. So be aware if of the below signs that may just get you the pink slip.


finger pointing at letter on office desk


1. Poor Performance and productivity.

Companies mainly hire us for our performance and productivity. We need to be able to deliver at all times,however difficult the task is ahead of us. So if we fail to deliver or are not performing, the companies sole purpose of hiring us fails.




2. Unable to Gel with team members

It is very important to be able to mix with your team members and be helpful to each other. If we cannot establish a rapport with our team, it is not beneficial for you as an individual and the whole team itself.This ultimately affects the performance.




3. Inappropriate behavior

Office ethics  are very important and should be followed by one and  all.If we do not follow the office rules we could be given the pink slip.We cannot act aggressive at work, we cannot disrespect our colleagues,we cannot act over smart with seniors. We have to act professional in our workplace.



4. Better replacement

Employers are always on the hunt for better replacement at affordable prices. So if they find someone who has same skill set and come at lower compensation, they will not think twice before replacing you. Employers think for the organization as a whole.


Handshake to seal a deal after a job recruitment meeting


5. Lies or hiding the truths.

Now a days there are many employees who lie about their past work experience or hide certain professional details that are needed by the current employer. So if something is found, that was not disclosed by the employee, it can lead to termination for him.Employers expect honest and faithful employees.


Lying? Rear view of man in formalwear keeping fingers crossed behind his back while three people sitting on background

So make sure you never fall into the above mentioned categories in order to stay put in your organization.