On This Women’s Day We Share The Miraculous Journey of Deepa Malik- Paralympic Medal Winner



“Her ability is stronger than her disability”. She trembled, but she got up to fight again. She knew that she was meant to attain glory. That is what a woman is supposed to be- powerful, impactful, and inspiring. Deepa Malik surely encapsulates all these traits in her personality. Let us take a moment to admire the courageous woman on this Women’s Day.

Deepa Malik, a name that has not only left a mark on the desk but a deep impact on millions of hearts as well. A courageous woman in her forties enduring a radiant smile on her face after representing India at the 2016 summer Paralympics games. Despite the terrible tumor in her spinal column, she didn’t let her disability overpower her passion.  From being a mother to a successful athlete she coped with all the tribulations and miseries of her life. Apparently, life is no cakewalk especially when a person is surrounded by a lot of social stigmas. Nevertheless, in her case she led the entire buoyancy act upon her and kept herself engaged in the dreams she desired for. Her leap of faith in herself changed her life from a normal mother enjoying picnics and expeditions with her children to seeking mass attention and fame.

Deepa had always embraced sports with all her heart and left Ahmednagar with the inevitable and ineliminable hope that finally brought her laurels from all over the world.

The remarkable achievements:

As one goes on exploring her accomplishments, it is quite fascinating to know and acknowledge the series of medals and accolades she owns. She is the one among 17 Indian representatives at the 2016 Summer Paralympics. This is one of the biggest and prestigious awards that is being given to the athletes with disabilities. She is the first woman to represent India at the aforementioned event. The list of achievements that ornaments her is never ending. Including the Arjuna award in 2012, she has also won the silver medal in the shot put at Paralympics games 2016, Rio 2016. She is the first person who received a license for invalid rally vehicle, a case she pursued 19 months in Maharashtra. Deepa has always tried to set goals for herself. She sets out to accomplish them. What makes her extraordinary is her want for exploring her own abilities. She leads by example.

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee honors Paralympian athlete Deepa Malik with Arjuna Award 2012 at President’s House in New Delhi on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI8_29_2012_000242B)

She got through into the Limca Book of Records in 2008 for crossing a 1 km stretch of river Yamuna against the current. She also completed the Himalayan car rally in 2009. She said it was one of her missions in life.

Successful people do not dodge hard work just by making excuses but exemplify the same with perseverance and sheer determination.

Deepa Malik annotated in an interview- “Disability brought my life into focus”.

She regards her disability as no limitation in the path of attaining success. Never in her life, she felt that she isn’t blessed with something. The mindset that you have makes all the difference and Deepa Malik is the perfect example to look up to. She was always tolerant towards her disability, never looked upon herself as an incapable person. She knew that she wasn’t disabled but, differently abled.

Deepa Malik has raised the bars for every woman out there. She was accustomed to paralysis from the waist down but, went on to set records in swimming and biking. Wonder why normal people make excuses?

Her disability could have been her excuse in many fronts of her life but, she wanted to fight, fight back all the odds that stood against her. Deepa regards herself to be working on a mission titled “Ability Beyond Disability”. She says that she has certain to do list that she wants to accomplish in the course of this mission. The motive of this mission is to bring about a change in the society, to change the stereotypical thinking of the people on wheelchair.

Deepa feels that a lot of change has come in the perspective of the society towards the disabled lot but, she feels that a lot more has to be undertaken to completely irradicate the stereotype. She also says that government has an active role to play in the sports arena of the people with hindrance. The government has always motivated and gathered their support for the differently abled ones.

Her family stood by her

A woman so down to earth does share her accomplishments with her family, According to her, without the support of the family, this success wouldn’t have fallen in her basket. No one from her family ever frowned upon her for being a disabled child. They knew that she is determined and no less than the normal people out there. She did find it depressing in the initial years of her life but, when her closed ones accepted her with all that she had and also with all that she didn’t have, she started keeping a faith in herself.

She inspires women

Attaining glory for herself through the accolades, she has not only inspired the rest of the woman like her but also her own daughters who are now confident, athletic women just like their mom inheriting the natural strengths, skills, and gifts. She imbibes the strength, the courage to rule the world in her daughters.

The daughter of two still continues to pursue her passion in every possible manner. Married to an army man, Deepa brings pride to her husband as well.

There is absolutely no substitute for hard work, if you want to achieve something in your life. No one will remember what held you back. In the journey of life, one is remembered for the toughest conquests. Deepa Malik channelised her disability into the biggest ability to reach her destiny. Glorifying her life wasn’t as easy for her. Destiny had to bend down in front of her will power. This is just a beginning for today’s women!