Women Can Redefine Their Concept Of Love Through RH Sin’s Quotes


RH Sin is New York based author and poet who shares his pieces on Instagram and has more than 40K follower. His best selling book Whiskey, Words and A Shovel was liked by the readers. His concept and idea about love can touch any hurt woman and refill her with energy. Women have to go through a lot and all they long for is true love. But not every one is lucky enough to find true love. These quotes about love will boost your level of confidence and make you feel good about yourself as well. Be bold and beautiful.

#1. “You were enough, maybe you were too much, maybe he prefers less and you deserve more.”

#2. “She’s everything even when she’s treated like nothing.”

#3. “She broke her own heart, holding onto him.”

#4. “The women who are usually referred to as broken, usually love the deepest.”

#5. “She wanted someone to love and so she fell for herself.”

#6. “She didn’t need a man to feel secure, that made me want her ever more.”

#7. “Her love is an ocean and her waves are misunderstood.”

#8. “A strong woman, too much for weak men, everything to be a king.”

#9. “The broken girls have the deepest love.”

#10. “She is not a bitch, she is just tired of being fucked over.”