What’s The Worst Thing That’s Happened After You Said “I Love You”?


Three little words, eight letters, a potential whirlwind of emotions, embarrassment and pain. Falling in love is like rain. You can never predict it. It is also funny how we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. When you’re falling in love with someone, it’s hard to hold yourself back from taking the plunge.


But it really takes nerves of steel to say “I love you” to someone for the very first time. They could say that they love you back, but what if the feeling is anything but mutual and they let you know in the most soul-crushing way possible? Like they may give some terrible replies in return.

If you have ever received any of these replies our deepest, deepest condolences.

Things are not always smooth after saying these three magical words.



This is sadly the worst response someone could ever get!



Some people also try to disregard when you say that you love them.



Instead of telling that they love you, they told you that they’ve been cheating on you.


The most unfavorable situation is when they they tell you that they love someone else, not you!



Some also get a reply as: And I love spending time with you!


You can also share with us some of the worst responses that you ever got for saying “I Love You” to someone by commenting below.