These Websites will surely make you smarter!!


The internet has so much to offer. You ask for anything and it is just a search away. Here is a list of 10 websites which will help you in various ways.

1- Digital Photography School:

Go through the articles on the website to improve your skills of photography, they are very helpful even if you don’t know anything about it. The site also has active forums where you can find the community of other photographers with whom you can connect too.

2- Duolingo:

Sharpen your language skills with this addictive game. It’s like a college-quality education that doesn’t have the price tag. BBC languages are also the one that you can try for more free language learning materials.

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3- Freerice:

Here you can expand your vocabulary skills while feeding the hungry people. You’ll also feel good about it and also learn the words you can use for the entire life.

4- Investopedia:

Learn from the website everything that you need to know about the things related to investment, personal finance, and markets.

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5- Khan Academy:

From this site, you’ll not only learn about different subjects through the videos, but you’ll also get a chance to practice them and keep track of your learning abilities too.

6- Lumosity:


Give training to your mind with the scientifically designed games. Build your own Personal Training Program to improve the memory and attention and also track your progress.

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7- Quora:

Get your answers by other smart people, or read through the questions that other people might have asked. You can learn anything from technology, productivity hacks to best foods available.

8- Recipe Puppy:

Enter all the ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, and this fantastic site will give you a checklist of all the recipes you can make with what you have in your kitchen.

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9- Spreeder:

This online speed reading software will improve your skills and reading speed. Just paste the text that you would like to read and the website will take care of the rest.

10- V Sauce:


This is a youtube channel that will provide you with many mind blowing facts that you have never seen ad also that will make you think that how amazing our world is. Go to the website, watch the tutorials and find it out yourself.