Do You Want to Change Your DP To Indian Flag? Keep These Laws In Mind!


Independence Day is near and the patriotism spirit of the people of India is about to replenish. Some show their patriotism by hosting Indian flag, some by flying kites and many people change their Facebook and WhatsApp display pictures to the Indian National flag.

Indian Flag

Although this act is NOT illegal but as per the Flag Code of India,  there are few rules and regulations one should keep in mind before putting up our National Flag as a display picture in order to not disrespect it, some of which include:

  • The pic should not be mutilated. The whole picture of the flag should be visible and no part of the flag should be kept from being displayed.

• The pic should be only displayed horizontally and not tilted at any angle, such that the tricolour falls correctly in place.

• The pic should have the saffron colour on the top. Having the green colour on the top is disrespecting the Indian National Flag. Hence, the image should not be vertically flipped.

• One should ensure that there is nothing written on the pic of our National flag.

• The image should not be photoshopped with anything. Any type of editing done on the National flag via Photoshop is considered illegal and can be taken action against.

Above are few things that one should keep in mind while trying to share the feeling of patriotism because being the citizen of India, it is our responsibility to keep the dignity of our National flag high. Insulting the National flag is a punishable offense and can lead to 3 years of imprisonment and further fine.