Ugly Truths Behind Looking Good in the Entertainment Industry


The Celebrities in the entertainment industries might not have as rosy & bubbly life which they portray, they have to reconcile with a lot many stress inducing factors. The definition of a celebrity in our language is a person who is popular, who has a lavish lifestyle, who is in spotlight and has a great fan following. We people often think that what a marvelous life is being lived by the actors and actresses, how luxurious their life is, god has send them with good fortune to always be in the limelight and spend such a life which is a dream of ordinary man.



We as an audience admire performer’s dressing sense, try to copy their hair styles, and wish to be in their body shape to look always awesome as they look. Have you ever thought that what it takes to be perfect at looks and to have a sparkling personality? What seems god gift to us is actually not so.

We are not acquaint with the number of obscure things what a silver screen’s star faces in his or her daily life-

1. Incessant pressure to look great:

Pressure to look good n perfect 24*7 infrnt of cameras
Pressure to look good n perfect 24*7 infrnt of cameras

There is an incessant pressure to look great all the time and consistently thrive at work on the field. The triggering factors to this plight are frequent travel for shootings, lack of sleep which ultimately affects mental health very badly. 


2. Dearth of warmth of family:

Money cannot buy them the warmth of family. They are away from their loved ones for months to shoot for films and then carry out promotional activities for the same.


3. Overlook one’s emotions:

emotion's upheaval often leads to depression
emotion’s upheaval often leads to depression

They are forced not to reflect their irritation, frustration either at their workplace or in open as their every small action is being noticed by media.

4. Physiologically challenging:


Unavoidable media pressure/ unavoidable controversies, negligible space for privacy

Theirs profession is physiologically very demanding to fit and do justice to the character. For this they have to shed or put on sudden body weight change their body type by excessive gyming and exercising.


5. Media’s pressure:


There are unavoidable social appearances for which they have to spend handsome amount of money as they are being monitored by the media and public from their hair color till nail paint color, from their dress till their shoes as they walk down the red carpet.


6. Satisfy the expectations of fans:

The biggest factor in their lives is to satisfy the expectations of their fans because they know if there is a void of fans they are not going to survive for longer.


So they have to live in constant threats of audience’ taste, media’s cameras, directors pressure and along with it to carry and maintain themselves as a fashion icon.

The below stated quote can define life of stars that glares on the silver screen

A diamond which is an ordinary stone to its core, but has to undergo rigorous cutting and polishing to sparkle.