Twitter and Derek O’Brien has the perfect response to the FIR filed against AIB for using a Snapchat filter on Modi


Looks like India is a crime free nation now because well, now the cops have all the time in the world to file FIRs for memes on politicians. In case you do not follow news, now shooting up to the point of ridicule with middle aged men screaming on top of each other, we would like to point it out to you that a FIR has been filed against AIB, who first shot to prominence via Youtube content, and then gained notoriety for their famous Roast. Now it seems, they are in the hot seat again, for posting an image of Narendra Modi on social media using a Snapchat dog filter.

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Now as you know, Twitter cannot stand to take any crap, and hence they came loaded with swords. Here are the pick of them-

Let’s just ignore the plight of women, Shinde!

Another one!

While people were busy on twitter, some urged the politicians to use the dog filter and be a sport

Then Derek O’Brien decided to give it a shot, and honestly, it came out pretty good

Soon, his image was trending on Twitter and Instagram

It's the weekend. Time for a little bit of fun 😉😉😉

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To be very honest, I carry no bearing to any political party, but it showed to the cyber cell that Snapchat filters are not meant to be taken seriously and that we are not living in China or Russia.

Anyway, I pity Snapchat, somehow they always end up in the eye of the storm!
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