Try These Ancient Beauty Secrets That Really Do Work Like A Magic


As girls, we’ve all been handed down beauty tips by our grandmoms ( Nanimaa/Dadimaa) that promise to give us the skin of our dreams because their advice always worked like magic.

So, today we shared some of the top secrets of the “Magic Box Of Grandma” that have proved their usefulness over the ages.

Olive oil: 


An ingredient which is used in almost every beauty product i.e.creams, shampoos, balms is known as the “GOLDEN” in ancient time.

Try this-Mayonnaise Hair Masque


*1 egg
*2 tablespoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
*1½ cups high-quality extra-virgin olive oil


*Firstly, blend the egg in a blender.
*Pour out the olive oil in the blender in a steady stream.
*Try, this mixture into the ends of dry hair ( avoid roots) then, cover with a plastic bag and *Wrap with a warm towel. Keep it for 10-30 minutes.
*Unwrap your head and work shampoo into hair before adding water. Wet it, continue *shampooing, rinse and shampoo again.


natural home remedies

Women in ancient time, spent many hours in their baths because it was the gossip corner for them but beyond gossip, they did it for skin treatment. Try this-

Try this- Milk & Honey Bath


*1 to 2 cups of milk
*½ cup honey


*Add milk & honey in a jar & shake it well.
*Plug your bath tub and start filling it with warm water.
*Pour the milk and honey mixture into it & soak yourself at least for 20 minutes.


natural home remedies

Sugar can be used to epilation was the idea given by ancient women. They loved it for its long-lasting effect.

Try This- Sugar Wax For HAIR Removal


*1 cup sugar
*2 TBSP water
*2 TBSP lemon juice


*In a pan mix water, sugar, and lemon together and stir it constantly until you see no granules of sugar.

*Let the mixture sit in the pot for a few minutes to get it cool.
*Apply it like a normal wax.


natural home remedies

Often known as Multani Mitti in India, this natural remedy is indispensable to any lady. It worked wonders since ancient times for strong & smooth hair, radiant & glowing skin.

Try this: Clay As A Soap Replacement


*Rose Water


*Make a paste of clay and rose water and apply to face.
*Leave on for 20 minutes then wash.


home remedies of indian spices

Garlic can treat a variety of skin, health and hair problems in our life.

Try this-Garlic For Hair


*Olive Oil


*Take 3-6 garlic pods and dip them into a bowl of olive oil.
*Rest them to soak in the oil for a week.
*Then, you can discard the pods and use the oil for your hair.

Try these & feel the changes..!!!