Try Out These Activities During Holidays


Everyone has their bucket list. Some of the items and things in that list are outrageous like going into outer space while others are easily doable. When it comes to travelling, people start dreaming about their vacation. Given below is a bucket list of activities during holidays which most of the people wish to fulfill.


1. Visit Rome

activities during holidaysA surprising number of people have had this urge to visit Rome. Since many of them can’t afford it, it goes straight to their bucket list. However, you can easily change it this holiday. A round trip to Rome will set you back by Rs. 1 Lakh if you book your tickets 6 months in advance. The best time to visit Rome is during the summer holidays as you can spend at least a week exploring the ancient city.


2. Have a food fight

activities during holidays
Want to have fun? Invite all your pals over for a food fight. Now it is advisable that you only use rotten food as it will be a shame if you waste perfectly edible food when half of the world isn’t getting two square meals a day. For a food fight, all you need is old, spoiled food and your gang. Begin whenever you want and you will always have the remainder of your holidays to clean up all the mess


3.Swim and stand under a waterfall

activities during holidays
Another prominent entry in nearly everyone’s bucket list is to stand and swim at a waterfall. Waterfalls are present throughout coastal India as well as in Rajasthan. Interested people can always make an impromptu plan and head out to their nearest waterfall and tick it off their bucket list


4.Go camping with friends

activities during holidays
Who doesn’t want to do this? The best time for camping is generally during autumn or spring. The best place to do it is Nainital in Uttrakhand  or Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. Do go and tick it off, it will be an experience worth remembering.


5.Write a book

activities during holidays
This is a thing that we all have considered at one point of our time in our lives. The holidays are the best time to do this thing. You have the peace as well as time at hand during holidays to complete this task. At the end, it will be rewarding