Here Is Why Trump Regime Will Be Good For India

Here Is Why Trump Regime Will Be Good For India

US elections this time shocked many of us for numerous reasons. After Barack Obama, it was really challenging for any President to maintain the same peace and decorum he made during his presidency period. This time the elections were between Hilary Clinton and Donald trump which was equally hard to decide because both of them has had past that people had many thoughts before choosing any of them. But Trump won even without having any previous experience as a public servant. Now it’s hard to say that he would be beneficial for other states for not. But by seeing the past relations US-India had, it seems Trump can be beneficial for India in ways:

Good Equation between the leaders is important. 

Speaking to NDTV Trump said: “I have great respect for Hindus. I have so many friends that are Hindu and they are amazing entrepreneurs. I have jobs going up in India right now. I have great respect for India. It’s an amazing country.” He also used Modi’s slogan for elections- Abki baar Trump Sarkaar.


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Strong US military Presence in Asia 

It’s a big step to maintain the security and he wants to set up a stronger military presence to crack-down the global terrorist networks.


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Lower Risk Of Terrorism

He is against the terrorism and is all ready to make a strong US counter-terrorism policy. Also, he has promised to defeat the Islamic States and that is a good thing for India as well.


Benefits from Trans
Pacific Partnership (TPP)

TPP between the twelve countries can be beneficial for India in many ways such as:
1. India can have access to lucrative US market. It will cut India’s export competitors as well.
2. Access to lucrative US market to be cut for India’s export competitors.

3. The Battle between the US and China over the dominance in the global market can give greater chances of the bilateral boost to trade by India and US.

4. For India, there will be an access for negotiations due to the pressure of  TPP’s ongoing trade.


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Washinton and Moscow Relations

Frozen Relations between Washington and Moscow can possibly be good for India.

Oil Sectors

Trump promised to make US self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements. If trump would open up the American oil sector as he promised in his elections then Indian oil companies could also benefit from it. It would definitely be a major opportunity for ONGC’s global operations.


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Immigration Policy of US

A good thing is that India is not dependent on the US economically or commercially and Indian businesses actually create jobs in the US. Last year Trump said: “he was in favour of bringing skilled foreign workers into the US, as long as they come legally” which is again beneficiary for India.


Trump’s commitment to collaborate with Russia

Trump wants to build-up relations with Russia which is again a good thing for India. As Russia is considered to be a close ally for India.

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