Troller Asks Shirish Kunder About The Religion Of His Kids, His Reply Was A Perfect One


Religion, for some people, is a very touchy entity. They would first ask for a person’s religion instead of asking his/her name. For them, the whole judging criteria entirely depends on the language that he speaks and the religion that he follows.

But some people need to understand that there is no role of religion when it comes to relationships and love. The intensity and magnitude of a person’s love for the other one does not change according to his religion. And hence, when two people of different caste/religion decide to stay together and form a world of their own (family), there is no necessity to determine the RELIGION of their kids.

Recently Shirish Kunder uploaded a picture of his family on Twitter where they were seen posing for the family photography at the Grand Canyon.

Shirish Kunder, husband of Farah Khan have 3 kids (Diva, Anya, and Czar) who just went through the same experience where the so-called ‘GURUS’ questioned them their religion. We all know that Shirish Kunder is a Hindu while Farah Khan is a Muslim, hence the troller asked the most pathetic and least important question.

The question was for sure a pathetic one which had nothing to do with the picture. But Shirish Kunder had the best reply to it. Look at what he tweeted then.

Wasn’t that an amazing answer where he just held his calmness and acted in the most matured manner. This was indeed an apt reply from him where he completely shut his troller’s mouth.

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