Travel Series 2- Why is Finland the hots this year?


Think Finland? Think of a wide expanse of snow, white pristine snow. On the other side of things, there is Helsinki, a city so vibrant that you might wanna swoon all over it. Also, Finland also holds the upper hand of being an all weather destination, with lush green forests and amazing lake views. And when the winter arrives with all its splendor and snow, there are the Northern Lights for you to feast your eyes on.

Everything in Finland is a way to get back to Mother Nature. It is pure and untainted beauty, plus with Finland’s Department of Tourism kicking in with awesome initiatives like Finrelax(which offers you to allow enjoy Sauna and traditional treatments), you might want to make your ticket bookings official pretty soon before someone else steals them from you, and you might wanna cry your eyes out then. Plus, they are celebrating their Centenary this year, which gives you the opportunity to revel in the motley revelry being endowed upon you.

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24 hours in Helsinki

The city came into being about 470 years ago, and still, holds the advantage of being a people friendly city. Though, it never scores high on the list of tourist destinations in Europe and your friends might want to get you tested when you break out the news to them, but only 24 hours are just enough to make you fall in love with this city. It is a really happy city, buzzing with a lot of positive energy and exuberance.

You can run through this city on a bus, tram, a ferry, or maybe on foot(it barely takes 40 minutes to walk from one edge to another) and if you have a little toddler(less than seven to be precise), he gets to ride on the public transport for free. You can also get rental bikes and roam around and check out less than 330 surrounding islands.

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Finnish National Park

There are about 39 National Parks in Finland, each of which offers a sight into unparalleled beauty and an exquisite array of flora and fauna not found anywhere in the world. Apart from the normal vagaries that a National Park has to offer, it also presents travelers with the opportunity to hike, climb, snowshoe and myriad other open field pursuits.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are actually the result of a collision between the gaseous particle in the Earth’s atmosphere with the charged particle released from the sun’s atmosphere. The beauty of Northern Lights lies in the fact that every display is something different, elusive, like a spry, nocturnal dance of rainbows that has almost Nirvana like effects on your soul. One can view them anytime between late September to early April, with November and February being considered the periods of maximum activity.

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