This Is How A Toxic Relationship Turns Into A Slow Poison


There’s a difference between an abusive relationship and a toxic one. Although, abuse is open and you can see it in a physical form, but that’s not the case in a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships don’t start off with a warning sign and you won’t understand how bad it has messed you up while you’re in it. A toxic relationship is like slow poison. It works slowly and you don’t realise how far it has spread.

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Most people who come out of a relationship like this beat themselves up for not thinking straight or falling too hard in love or simply, being too clingy when it was time to let go. But it’s not your fault. You could have let go, but they ended up making you stay by giving you false promises and using fake words.

You stayed a bit too long because you really wanted to believe they would change, but their actions never reflected in their words. You stayed a bit too long because you had been taught that love comes with all forms of compromises. You stayed a bit too long because somehow a friend or even a parent made you believe that you were the problem.

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You weren’t wrong for feeling those emotions. You were only trying to make it work even in the hardest of times because you’re a good person. It was them who took advantage of your kindness and used it for their gain.

They would use manipulation, twist your own words against you and somehow end up playing the victim each time. With the drop of a hat and they were ready to project blame and give you an ultimatum of breaking the relationship, so you had to comply. They made you doubt your sanity, your self-esteem and even your instincts.

You tried your best. You give them every damn thing they demanded. You endlessly defended your actions but nothing was good enough for them. They were still unhappy and you would always feel like you’re not doing enough.

Anyone coming out of a toxic relationship isn’t silly. They are simply victims of gross manipulation that was intentionally done to take control and make them feel inferior. But the thing about such a relationship is that it doesn’t last for long.

You might feel like a cripple who has just lost their legs after an accident. You might feel like an addict taken away from their drug. But nothing can suppress your inner. Sooner or later, the whisper will turn into a scream.

One day you will reach your limit and walk out. One day you will have had enough of their bullsh*t and take charge. One day you’re going to leave and never look back.