In reality, adjusting one’s contemporaries is so difficult especially when the other person is imbued with the most despicable personality traits. You may agree that annoying office personalities may lead you to trouble and may affect your work. Nevertheless, you have to be patient when mingling with people that have personalities different from you. We want it or not, we have to make a peaceful environment whenever we are in the office working with different kinds of people. In this article, you will learn the eight most annoying office personalities.


1. The One Who Don’t Know When To Stop Talking

Talkative people are not trusted people. They cannot keep secrets with themselves.

It doesn’t matter whether they make sense or not, but they will continue speaking if no one else bothered to listen to them.

2. The One Who Fake Over Commitment

Being devoted to your work is not bad at all. But make sure that your actions prove that you are really devoted. Don’t try to show to the world that you are committed to your work if it is not.

Most of these seemingly skilled people are actually the ones who know nothing. Their show of commitment is a way of covering up their vanity.


3.The Control Freaks

You looks like crazy if you go beyond being meticulous.

It’s nice to be meticulous and organised at times. However, when this becomes an obsession, it can be dangerous. There is a constant interference in everything you do that will probably drive you crazy.


4.The Gossip Monger 

Gossiping is unhealthy habit.

These are those people who have nothing to do but to constantly poke their noses into what others are doing. Then, they twist the information they get to other people.


5.The Cool One

Most often, cool person doesn’t care other’s feelings.

When things get excessive, they do not care about anything. In other words, they are not serious people.


6.The One Who Love Buttering Their Bosses

Your employer know if you are trying to impress him or not.

When they don’t have much skills to boast with, they do their best  to find ways on how to impress their employers. They are good inventors of sweet words.


 7.The Know-It-All

It is better to appear like you don’t know nothing than to try to act as if you know everything.

Their empty dialogues speak more than their experience and wisdom. They act as if they know everything and they extremely profuse with advice.


8.The Office Bully

They envy you. They want to be better than you.

These people want to enjoy a better position than yours, or one of your contemporaries. Whenever there is problem in the job at hand, they will bully you to get things done their way.

You are working because you need to survive in this world. Also, you are mingling with other people because you cannot live a normal life without them. If you see yourself different from the way others see you, then, you have to be real towards yourself. It is true that you don’t have to change yourself just to fit with one’s standards. But you have to learn how to listen to advice, accept discipline,  and change your bad personalities.

Lastly, be happy with your life. Relax! Smile wide! Don’t be so stressed with those people that do not really care about you. Focus on your work, improve your performance, and be kind to your co-workers.