Top 6 Countries With High Speed Internet

Battling the internet speed? Here's where you should be

High speed internet is fun to use and effective to work. Most of the corporate sectors would usually have a better data rate or high speed internet access to avoid wasting time in loading up pages for their employees. It has been proved that an employee of an organization will be more productive using a high speed internet rather than a residential internet speed.

Internet is the need of the hour

Every internet user prefers to watch YouTube videos without waiting much time or rather instantly for the video to load and it matters a lot when you have a high speed internet.

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South Korea

Average Internet Speed: 26.7 MbPS


26.7 MBPS internet speed

South Korea was almost nothing when it was separated from North Korea. Country has an average internet speed connection of 26.7 MBPS. There are more than 92% of the population, which uses the internet on a daily basis and the nation has been urbanized quickly in the last 10 years. South Korea has been popular in producing some of major giants in the field of Information technology and automobiles. The local government provides good support in terms of companies’ growth.


Average Internet Speed: 20.6 MbPS


An average of 20.6 Mbps Internet speed

Sweden is one of the peaceful countries with its minimal domestic issues. The country is known for its consumption of telephone and internet hugely. Swedish citizens are meant for using resources in a proper way. Sweden is undoubtedly one of the top players in internet speed, however, the citizens does not misuse and over utilize the resource.


Average Internet Speed: 18.8 MbPS


18.8 MBPS internet speed

Norway may be a not so popular country known  the world because of its neutrality. An amazing fact is, Norway produces the highest amount of oil and gas outside the middle east in the world. Norway gives out an amazing 18.8 MBPS internet connection to its citizens. Norway ranks at four when it comes to per capita income. The country maintains a combination and communication in between market economy and Information technology.


Average Internet Speed: 16.0 MbPS


16 MBPS internet speed

Japan started its journey at the right time. Japan conquered the Information technology market very quickly when it was booming. It was rightly called as the digital capital of the world. Currently, China has overtaken Japan in most of the sectors. Still, Japan has managed to maintain its high speed internet of 16 MBPS till date.


Average Internet Speed: 17.0 MbPS


Flag of the Netherlands.svg
17 MBPS internet speed

Netherlands, it was once called Holland. The Netherlands is one of the most quickly developed countries in the world. The country is popular for its educational facilities and it is quiet obvious that the government of the country would be honored to provide every facility related to education and its further growth. Netherlands gives an average of 17 MBPS.

Hong Kong

Average Internet Speed: 16.8 MbPS


16.8 MBPS internet speed

Hong Kong offers a good internet connection of 16.8 MBPS with a regular growth on an annual basis. Hong Kong has gained about 35% growth, compared to last year. Hong Kong has been suffering from invasion and civic issues for a long time,but yet, Hong Kong has maintained its pace of advancing in the field of information technology. The Government of Hong Kong encourages start ups and other information technology activities by providing all possible facilities.