Top 10 Countries With The World`s Best Bike Routes

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When biking is not based on a phenomenon anymore, every road will possibly become an untold epic to all bikers. You`d probably dreaming of having bike tours abroad and maybe, you will get interested to any of the following bike routes. So join me in my journey to these ten countries and let`s explore each with their greatest man-made bike routes in the world.

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1. Italy



a. Forcella Lavardet

Cyclingabout // Alsardin

Forcella Lavardet is one of the most popular hairpin turns roads in the world. It is a high mountain pass in the Dolomites-Alps area with 14 sharp turns lying with one after the other.

b. Passo San Boldo

Velominati // Frank

Passo San Boldo, called SP 635 and nicknamed as “road of 100 days”, is a small mountain pass with seven hairpin turns. It is located at Veneto.

c. Passo Dello Stelvio

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Cycling about // Mario . J

Passo Dello Stelvio is the highest mountain pass in the Eastern Alps range. Its pass has a maximum elevation of 2757m if it ascends up to all 48 hairpin bends.

d. Colle Del Sommeiller

Cyclingabout // Cycling Challenge

Colle Del Sommeiller is called “marginali” because the first 6kms is paved while the rest surface (about 20kms) is rocky. It is the highest valley pass in Italy.


2. France



a. Col de Tende

Cyclingabout // Giuntas

Col de Tende`s first part is made of asphalted while the second half of tight is all dirt.

b. Col du Turini

Cyclingabout // France

Accordingly, Col dul Turini is one of the world`s most scenic routes and world`s treacherous roads – especially when it is covered in snow.

c. Col de Braus

Cyclingabout // France

Col de Braus, called D2204, has a great viewed, stacked and sharp-looked hairpins and 180° turns.

d. Lacets de Montvernier

Senaldeportes // France

Lacets de Montvernier has eighteen hairpin bends rising from the valley at 3.4km climb-up. It is an amazingly long,  “curved-stretch” road.


3. China



a. Tianmen Mountain Road

Cyclingabout //China

Tianmen Mountain Road is popularly known as the “Heaven-Linking Avenue”. It serves as the main route to the summit of Tianmen Mountain and to Tianmen Cave.

b. 24 Zig Zag

Easytourchina // China

24 Zig Zag is one of the most spectacular and steepest roads in China. Reports said that 24 Zig Zag is no longer an active road but is still used as a bicycles route.

c. Aizhai Winding Road

Cyclingabout // China

Aizhai Winding Road is a zigzag switchback road and its surface is asphalted.
At the top of the road, Aizhai bridge peeks between two tunnels. The bridge is one of the highest and most spectacular bridges in the world.


4. USA



a. Burr Trail

Cyclingabout // USA

Burn Trail is actually a dirt route and has unpredictable weather. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting driveways you can find in the USA with numerous twists and turns.

b. Shafer Canyon Road

Cyclingabout // Kevin Buettner

Shafer Canyon is a dirt road with numerous canyon lands around. This road requires strict caution for drivers, especially in rainy season. It is also a breathtaking climb and at the same time, a great trail for bikers.

c. Mineral Bottom

Cycling // Dustin Baugh

Mineral Bottom has unpaved sections that are not good to drive through especially during rainy season.


5. Peru



a. Portachuelo de Llanganuco

Portachuelo de Llangnuco has numerous sharp turns, high elevations and steep grades, and twisty hairpin switchbacks that lead over the mountains.

b. Road 663

Cyclingabout // Peru

Road 663, one of the world`s scariest roads, is a one-way route, unprotected by guardrails and has a dreadful condition.


6. India



a. Zigzag Road to Zukuk

Cyclingabout // India

Zigzag Road to Zukuk is a spiral road that is often called as the “Old Silk Road” because it was used as the main route from China to India.

b. Gata Loops

Cyclingabout // India

It is a climbing section of the Menali-Leh Highway.


7. Romania



a. The Transfagarasan

Cyclingabout //Romania

It is one of the highest paved roads in Romania with a length of 90km.

b. The Transalpina

Cyclingabout // Bereczki Barna

The Transalpina stretches 1448km through the Carpathian Mountain and was constructed by the Roman legions during 200AD.


8. Norway



a. Lysevegen Road

Cyclingabout // Norway

Lysevegen Road is a curvy mountain road with twists and turns, and 32 sharp bends that have a total average gradient of 9.4%.

b. Trollstigen

Cyclingabout // Norway

Trollstigen, a one-lane road, is one of the most scenics and visited attractions of Norway. The road has a narrow driving space and 11 hair-raising hairpin turns and steep.


9. Chile



a. Paso de Los Libertadores

Cyclingabout // Edison Zanatto

Paso de Los Libertadores is famous by its name as “Paso del Cristo Redentor”.

b. Cuesta del Diablo

Cyclingabout // Chile

Cuesta del Diablo is a 6km curvy road dropping past the glaciers and also the famous basalt walls of Cerro Castillo.


10. Switzerland



a. Saint Gotthard Pass Road

Cyclingabout // Switzerland

Saint Gotthard Pass Road was first opened in 1830 and now one of the highest mountain passes of the Alps.

b. Furka Pass

Cyclingabout // Switzerland

It has a maximum elevation of 2429m. There are tunnels through the base of the mountains which is suitable for bikers/cyclists.

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The list only presented the summarized introduction of each bike routes but if you want more details, search for it on the web.