Tinder Select Is The Secret Dating App That Tinder Doesn’t Want You On

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The news about an exclusive and secret Tinder app has been doing the rounds for quite some time. Well as much as we hate to say it, this news is true, but apparently, Tinder does not want you to use it. The member-only Tinder platform, also known as Tinder Select, is only for the well to do businessmen, models, socialites, CEO’s etc.

One source, who was regular with the app said that it was only for “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”The Tinder Select have selectively invited the members, and some of them even possess the ability to nominate others to the app. But there is a catch, those who are nominated are not allowed to nominate others, as a way to control the population and the exclusivity of the app.

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Though not yet confirmed, it is rumored that Tinder uses Tinder Elo Ratings, an algorithmic rating parameter which measures your performance on the main app, and acts as a source of desirability rating.

POLAND, Warsaw – December 21, 2016. The dating app Tinder is now available on Apple TV making it easier for people to use the app together. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Tinder Select has been active for around 7-8 months and according to sources, it has no plans on unveiling the Tinder Select app. Trust me, you would not want to know your desirability rating, because well, there is only a limited number of times one can be swiped left. Also, keeping the curtains on this exclusive app will also prevent the userbase on the app from diluting the exclusivity.

Such exclusive apps are not something new and have existed for some time. Raya, a similar dating app only allows users with massive Instagram followers, a job worthy that makes one go wow, or either an invitation to Raya to become the part of the ommunity. Similarly, there was an app called The League which leached off the data from LinkedIn and selected on the basis of education or profession. Super elite!

Keeping something secret for six months only adds exclusivity to it, and only makes people yearn for it even more. I wake up every day and check my phone for invitations each morning. Who knows, tomorrow might be the day! Or maybe I am not just famous enough. Latter seems the only plausible explanation.

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