This Is The Real Reason Why Apple Doesn’t Attend Mobile World Conference


Now the Mobile World Conference has ended, people have gone home; some are happy, others are still using BlackBerry. Each year, Barcelona looks like a carnival of nerds, with people dropping in from literally the corners of the world to see the new launches, new happenings and satisfy their technological innuendos. Each year, the biggies of the mobile world board a plane and descend on to Barcelona and showcase their new launches and layout their future plans in front of the public. And Ladies and Gentlemen, then there is Apple.

Why no Apple at MWC?

It’s like Apple is Apple, and no one knows why there is no 3.5mm earphone jack, or why do we need ear-pods or why does a MacBook come with only one port.Apple likes to push the limits when it comes to innovation, but you might never have guessed, is likes to do the same when it comes to marketing. Apple is famous for its own marketing campaigns and can with one flyer send the market in jitters.

Methods akin to stunts

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Exactly 2 years ago, Mobile World Congress was supposed to commence in 2 days, and Samsung among all the manufacturers was making all the right noises.But Apple had other plans up their sleeves! Apple sent out invitations to an event. The invitations went by “Spring Forward” and soon the market was talking about the invitations instead of the MWC.

Similarly, when Samsung flagship Galaxy S6 was launched, Apple started its own #Shotoniphone campaign for the then upcoming I-Phone 6, and by started, we mean they revamped their whole homepage of the website and followed it by advertisements in the print as well as digital mediums. It made all the talk about Samsung camera look really funny and, Apple won the battle of “Marketing”.

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According to a blog by a third party, Apple never does events for a third party, because in that manner, they will publicising the third party vendor, which somehow never conforms to the Apple marketing policy. This year too, while Google, their main rival was busy spreading the word about the Google Assistant, Apple was nowhere in sight. Maybe it’s my personal observation, but the rumours about the new iPhone; dubbed iPhone X (It’s iPhone’s 10th Anniversary) resurfaced exactly the moment when MWC went underway. So maybe Apple wasn’t really lying dormant, but as things stand, I cannot see Apple at MWC for the near future.

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