These Hobbies Can Make You Smart and Witty


We all have our favourite activities and obsessions to learn something new. Having a hobby ensures an eventful free time. Some love playing a musical instrument or singing, some are foodies with awesome cooking skills, some practice sports and prioritise fitness; irrespective of the type of hobbies you pick it shapes both the creativity and personal wellness. Hobbies are indeed very helpful for mental development as far as a child is concerned.  For adults, however, tending to a hobby curbs the monotony of daily life.

Besides the precious feel good factor, hobbies can do much much more than that. Some hobbies enhance the cognitive function and thus, improve your memory in the long run. Nevertheless, a few of them also boost up your IQ making you smarter.

Did you know?

Playing video games is one proven way to increased intelligence

This one thing must have bagged you a lot of scolding from parents; it may seem to be an utter waste of time compared to many other hobbies. But through all those eye-straining stages you’ve been only feeding your brains to get stronger and sharper. Studies reveal that playing video games can actually perk up your hand and eye coordination. Also, multiplayer strategic games boost effective decision-making aptness. Online Puzzles, Chess and Sudoku contribute to instant cognitive reflex, good vocabulary and quick solution making ability.

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Photography trains your brain to pick up fine visual details too speedily

All those people with a camera swirling around their neck even in the era of smartphones are doing more than just capturing some beautiful frames. The eye for beauty catches every minute details and picturesque things spontaneously that others rarely notice, which is because of the heightened optic functions. The eyes can spot things in no time, and the brains are trained to interpret the optic signals and co-ordinate twice as fast as in any normal person.

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Pottery is top among the creativity enhancing hobbies

Well, you get to implement lots of creativity in clay pottery, that way you give your mind the scope to be more creative. But that is not all pottery has to offer; it helps to practice patience and precision. Also, the people who are obsessed with clay pottery as a hobby claims it reduces stress big time, improves their ability to focus, fill in optimism outlook towards life and proved to delay old-age induced Parkinson’s disease due to involving a good amount of hand, wrist and finger exercise. And with those qualities instilled well, it will be quite hard for anyone to outwit you easily.

Learning a Foreign Language activates your brain for multitasking

Though on the surface learning a new language may look like adding some lexical skills for enhancing communication; a foreign language training also prepares your brain for rapid multitasking. How? any language is a whole new arsenal and definitely complex; working the brains in grasping the words, recognise and translate it almost instantaneously does powers quick processing. As a result; the reading, negotiating and problem-solving brain functions get polished. However, it is highly recommended to study a foreign language to at least the intermediate level. Only when one can use the foreign languages and switch freely the aforesaid benefits could be reaped.

Reading voraciously expand knowledge; smartest hobby to get genius

This may not be among the hobbies that got you serious finger wagging from mommy, but often the tag of “nerd” by other kids. Well, nerd is a good thing! In no time people start appreciating it. Books and other web articles have the power to endow you with incomparable knowledge, keep you up to date with the happenings all around the world, amplify your logic and reasoning. All of it can only make you sharper and smarter.

Word Games improve vocabulary and supplement eloquence

Crosswords and Scrabble are the easiest way to pick up new words; the respective meaning and all situational usage of that particular word. The more words you know the more your vocabulary gets impeccable and you can be more eloquent in expressing yourself more clearly. It’s pretty important to be able to influence others with what you say. In fact, it is one of the prominent hegemony that comes with being smart. Further, these games can serve as a wonderful way of indulging in family time indoor activities.

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Musical instruments bestow the power of strong will

Music has an awesome connection to the brain. playing a musical instrument as one of the hobbies can help a person have a strong control over one’s mind. The training of musical instrument has benefits you can possibly think of; it boosts creativity, instil discipline, eliminate emotional vulnerabilities, gives you motivation and a strong will power. Plus, music keeps you happy and healthy. With so much goodness one can only get better and smarter when they practice music.

Besides fitness, being Sporty also revitalises brain’s spontaneity

Jogging, skipping, swimming, family sports or any exercise also has good effects on brain functions and IQ.  Not just a tool for toning the muscles or staying in shape, research says people indulging in sports has an overall healthy mind too. The brain gets more oxygen and rapid stimuli during these activities increasing its flexibility as well as improving its potential. Furthermore, participating in sports events often enhances responsiveness, speed up coordination and inspire confidence which is imperative to “getting smart”.

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Zeal to travel to a new place triggers infinite possibilities to get smart

Travel is a whole package of getting all the above mentioned smart hobbies. The wonderful experience reduces stress and encourages optimism while exploring the new land and the cultural diversity expands our knowledge. Needless to mention those adventure activities, sightseeing, trekking, photography, learning the local language are just other perks of travelling which boost mental and physical well-being. Thereby making you smart with optimum brain functioning, fitness, eloquence and creativity.

Though parents these days encourage children to take up some extra-curricular activities. I’d still advice let the kid choose their own instead of adults picking up one for them. Hobbies are something that needs to be not just done but felt; that can only happen when one wants to willingly indulge in the new activity. While all hobbies are helpful in a way or other, some of them boost IQ.  And now that you know it you may very well suggest it.

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