These Facts About Valentine’s Day Will Leave You Wonder-struck


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Hopefully, you’re all done with your planning for the “love” day, probably ordered the flowers, chocolates, red hearts already. Apart from the loads of romance that you’re counting on; ever wondered how the day became a worldwide celebration of love and companionship.

I bet you didn’t know these awesome facts about Valentine’s day? Besides the love, a bit of history with some sprinkle of mysteries is all V-day has to offer.  All of it together has shaped the love day over the years into a mammoth celebration.

Even if you do know some of them, I’m sure you’ll find a few new information. You can add lots of facts and figures to your know-how about the big day.

1. The real Valentine

This day is a homage to the young Roman priest of Interamna (now Terni in Italy). He dared to encourage marriages negating the ban on it by Emperor Claudius II. He was later executed for marrying the beloved secretly.  However, it’s a day of love also because of the fact that he inspired one woman relationships in a society that was much permissive about polygamy. In 498 AD the 14th day of February was declared as St. Valentine’s day by then Pope Gelasius I. The saint has been eventually dropped, though, making it “The Valentine’s day” which is celebrated to this day.


2. The First Valentine’s card

Cards have been as a token of love and friendship since time immortal. Now a day they are too much in trend for any greetings. Can you guess the year when perhaps the 1st V-day card was sold? It was sometime in 1840’s by Esther Howland, a native of Massachusetts.

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3. Second largest card-sending holiday worldwide

Around 150 million cards are exchanged worldwide on this day; making it the second largest card-sending occasion. Unlike the prevalent notion, survey reports also suggest that 85% of all card purchases made on Valentine’s day are by women.

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4. Ystävänpäivä in Finland

It is Valentine’s day redefined; for one to cherish or rekindle the bonds of friendship. Ystävänpäivä is celebrated on 14th February each year in Finland as a day with best of buddies and not really the ideal lover’s day. After all, most love stories redirect from being friends right!

5. Decoding the XOXO on Valentine’s day card

Many Valentine’s day cards seem to have the XOXO. Initially, even I thought that maybe it’s for the forgotten love, well it’s certainly not for ex. the symbol of “X” is synonymous to a kiss. In the medieval period, young lovers used to write “X” instead of putting their names on a letter to be discreet about their identity to any 3rd person. Ever since “XOXO” has been the sign of love and much rightful claim on being placed in a card designed for Valentine’s day.

6. Faking a valentine

On the day of love, it is fair enough to love yourself; a little bit of self-pamper will certainly light up the spirit. About 15 % of women in the USA buy themselves gifts or send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Quite a good way to convince other’s that you got a valentine for the big day, even if you’re single.

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7. The telephone has served well in keeping the lovers connected

It was on Valentine’s day in 1876, Sir Alexander Graham Bell submitted the patient of the telephone. Needless to mention, without telephones love couldn’t have had been running smooth. Also, the modern day smartphone and its numerous apps have made long distance relationship possible. Quite a tribute to love huh!

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8. Ever wondered why just red roses?

There are a quite a few theories to connect red roses as the symbol of romantic love. Though primarily it is believed to be the favourite flower of Venus; the goddess of love as per Roman mythology. The “red” however signifies strong passion and undying love. Making red roses a must have for love day celebration.

9. The flower facts

Around 198 million roses are produced in the USA each year for the purpose of Valentine’s Day alone. An approximate 110 million red roses are sold on 14th February. About flowers; men do 75% of the purchases while only 27% are bought by women.

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10. Pets are more likely to receive valentine’s day gift

Pets are certainly the embodiment of selfless love. V-day being a celebration of love isn’t really limited to the people we love. For a pet are no less than a dearly beloved companion. Therefore 54% pet owners buy something for their pets on the big day.

11.  Wear your heart on your sleeves

This expression “to wear your heart on your sleeves” came into existence because of Valentine’s day. Sometime in middle ages, young men and women were supposed to choose their Valentine’s day partners over a simple chits-game. They would make chits of names and mix them all in a fish bowl, each of them will then wear the name they drew pinned onto their for a week for everyone to know who their valentine is.

12. The first exclusive Valentine’s day chocolate

Realising the demand for customised chocolate on Valentine’s day, Richard Cadbury produced the first of Valentine’s day chocolates sometime in later years of 19th century. Instead of a Cadbury bar, chocolate crafting packed in a decorated heart-shaped velvety red box was the speciality. The trend runs till date.


13. Chocolate facts

Over $1 billion worth of chocolate in every shapes and size is purchased on every Valentine’s day in the USA alone. It is estimated that over 36 million boxes of exclusive Valentine’s day chocolate will be sold this year.

14. Letter’s to Juliet

The Italian City of Verona celebrates love festival from 11th to 14th of February. This is the city on which the alluring story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is based on. The supposed house of Juliet receives around 1000+ letters and cards stuck onto its walls. All are addressed to Juliet; some seeking love advice, some a message to lost love, others just paying homage. But the letters seem to be a love ritual for tourists visiting Verona on Valentine’s day.

15. Jewelleries are the hot favourite among Valentine’s day gifts

Over 22655 jewellery stores in the US have witnessed a sharp increase in sales in the month of February. Definitely, it’s because of Valentine’s day. The stores are supposed to have sold net 2.6 billion worth diamond rings this time each year.

16.The most popular day to pop the question

On an average 220,000 wedding proposals takes place on each Valentine’s Day. It has been referred that a couple is most likely to choose Valentine’s day, not just for the proposal but also to announce a wedding. 6 million couples are estimated to get engaged this Valentine’s day.

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17. Valentine’s day is twice as costly to men than women

Even with the self-gifting; on average men spends $130 to $150 on every Valentine’s day. That is double the amount an average woman spends on the same day. So men please do stick to a single date as long as you can, that’s lots of investment over the years in there.

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