These 30 Strange Answers From Kids Will Certainly Make You LAUGH


Most kids are smarter than adults. They give us the weirdest answer to our questions. And yes, kids look at us like monsters feeding questions to them telepathically. In connection, we will see strange answers of some kids showing how creative, intelligent and genius they are!

1. Naming the quadrilateral

An innocent kid understood well the given instruction. Were his answers wrong? Not at all.

2. How kids eat grapes

weird kids

The kid was thinking about giving `HALF`of grapes to his mother. But look what he did! Not all kids will do that!

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3. Tornado

weird kids

Maybe the kid thought first what the tornado looks like before he jumped to that answer.

4. How are you?

It is absolutely true! This answer from a kid showed us something that we should not forget. Learn from that kid`s answer.

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5. Question and answer

Definitely, it`s MATH! The kid justified his first answer correctly!

6. Circling the number Zero

The kid did circle every zero! He used his common sense, that is why!!! He must had a good score in this one!

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7. Red Solo

Maybe the kid was thinking about the red solo cup. Salute to that kid! He answered it correctly but in the other way around!

8. I am thinking Bobby

The kid literally understood the question. Well, he drew himself thinking BOBBY! Nice one to that kid!

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9. Octopus, seven, two

The kid wrote his answer in a complete sentence vertically! Adults won`t care to answer the question in a complete sentence in number per number!

10. Species

The kid wrote a unique name, `word bank`!

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11. Centimeter to meter

Remove the `centi`from centimeter! Simply as that! The kid was smarter than the one who composed the question!

12. Octopus` tentacles

The kid was right! He might had a wrong answer but he correctly pointed out something there that will surely make you think about tentacles!

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13. Pizza

The kid slapped her mother with a piece of pizza! You can do that also if you cannot wake someone up!

14. White out a question


This little kid did it well! If I were her, I just white out all the given questions. But she did in her unique way!

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15. Kid`s way of rolling a tissue

The kid did a good job rolling the tissue!

16. Simple but correct answer

The kid found the word `it` twice!

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17. Thinking for a baby`s name

The mother got weird answer from his little kid when she asked him two weird questions!

18.  Draw this way

The kid figured it out! He drew it anyway!

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19. Leave half of the hot dog


The little kid ate the hot dog that way! You can do it if you want to!

20. Unique dessert

The mother allowed his kid to do that way!

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21. New  Bunny

How was that? The kid illustrated bunny by using the digit 12 twice and connecting them together.

22. Another term of a kid

The kid seems right. Tell it anyway to your wife!

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23. Freeloader

The kid answered it honestly!

24. Abraham Lincoln

The kid answered it based on what she knew about Abraham Lincoln.

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25. Cat lover

The kid was observant to her cat!

26. Hue

The little kid answered it differently!

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27. Finish line

The kid was on his way to finish line, not on Finnish Flag!

28. Answer correctly

How could the teacher mark wrong the kid`s answer? The little kid answered it based on what he knew. And basically, it is true!

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29. Practical answer

Certainly true!

30. 1896? 1895?


No comment for the kid`s answer. He answered it correctly though it is not really the expected answer!

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