The Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu is No More. Did you know these shocking facts about Jayalalithaa?


The state and the whole of India is struck by the demise of Selvi Jayalalitha who set her strong hold on Tamil Nadu and into the hearts of the people. Without even giving birth, she became the mother of a hundred thousand people. This actress turned politician walked into the lives of the common man of TN and left then in intense sadness when she surrendered to death on 5th December 2016 at 11. 30 pm. ‘Amma’ or ‘Puratchi Thalaivi’ left her subjects mourning in the great loss.

Here are some shocking revealing facts about Jayalalitha Jayaram.
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1. First Blow in Life

Her first step back in life was when her father died when she was 2 years old. He left behind Jayalalitha, her mother Vedavalli and brother Jayakumar.

2. Real Name


She was named as Komalavalli after her grandmother and was later given the name Jayalalitha by her grandfather at the age of 1. Costars and friends called her Ammu and now she departs as the Amma(Mother in Tamil).

3. Jayalalitha was Forced

Jayalalitha in her 20's

You wouldn’t believe if I told you that she aspired to become a lawyer. She didn’t have interests in movies and despised the movies. She held the profession responsible for having snatched motherly love from her. It was her mother Vedavalli, who entered the movies with the name Sandhya who forced her into acting. The necessity was to take care of the family and grandparents.

4. She Excelled in School
Schooling TIme

JJ was the top ranker from Tamil Nadu in 10th standard exams and was offered admission at the reputed Stella Masris College in Chennai. She was also proficient in Bharatanatyam and most Tamilians who lived at that time knew this from her movie dance scenes.

5. Her First Movie was English

The Epistle, was her first movie which was of English language by Shankar Giri.

6. Debut movie

She made her debut commercial movie in Kannada film industry with the movie Chinnada Gombe. She denied the offer initially as she was scared of losing her dream but later agreed. Her dream was to return to college after the filming of the movie. But fate had other decisions for Jaya as the movie topped the charts and she became a star actress.

7. She couldn’t Watch her First Tamil Debut Movie


This state topper was given the role of a young widow in her first tamil movie. Yet, the irony was that she couldn’t watch her movie as it was rated as ‘Adults Only’ as she was only 17 at that time. The movie was adult rated due to scenes in which she is seen in a sleeveless blouse and gets wet. The conservative society at that time, marked it as adult rated.

8. Love Life

jayalalitha and Shoban babu

During her career she fell in love with Shoban Babu and she accepted the same. He was a married man. Reports say that she used to watch him with binoculars from her home.

9. Hits with MGR


Jayalalitha and MGR appeared together in 28 blockbuster movies. The first was Aayirathil Oruvan in 1965 and the last was Pattikkattu Ponnaiya in 1973.

10. A Self-Made Woman


Unlike other women in politics, Jayalalitha had no political back up. To sum it up. She didn’t have her mother or father to guide her in her life. Her brother also died in 1995 leaving her as a sole person to arise to be one the most coveted rulers in Indian history.