Test The Smartness Of Your Dog Through These 9 Tests


A friend of mine had a Labrador which slept all day long without worrying about anything. It could not even sit properly. On the other hand, there are dogs who are rescuing people, sniffing out drugs and catching thieves. Why are both the groups so different? Well, it depends upon their IQ Level. You too have a pet dog? You can test it’s IQ Level through these steps. Check and share your answers with us.

1. Cloth Test

Take a long piece of cloth and quickly throw it over your dog’s head. Note the time taken by it to free itself from the cloth. Via

2. Rearrange Furniture

Shuffle the places of the furniture in your house and then bring your dog in and leave it. Observe if it can find its cushion on which it sleeps. Via

3. Cup Test

Take 3 cups and keep your dog’s treat in one of the cups, and let him know it. Then tell him to take out the treat. Check the time he takes to find out his treat. Via

4. Go for a walk

Take your dog for a walk don’t let him know just pick up his leash; observe if he comes running or not. Via

5. Ball Test

Take a ball and let your dog play with it and sniff it. After some time, take the ball, let your dog sniff it and hide it. Let him go and find the ball. Note the time taken. Via

6. Find the way

Take your dog out of the house, note that it should be far from your house. And leave your dog there alone. Observe that he comes back or not, finding the way. Via

7. Voice Testing

Call your dog in the normal voice and then call him in different voices, check whether he replies or not. Via

8. Food Test

Give regular food to our dog which you give him every day. Now the trick is that, keep three plates of different foods (all dog food), and do keep his food too, Check whether he eats his food or not.

9. Face detection

As you love your dog too much, it’s obvious that he will recognise you. But here, to check his IQ, don’t see your dog for a month and then check, whether he recognises you or not.vIa

Points to be given-

If the dog does the work correctly and in limited time give him 5 points.

If the dog does the work, but take a long time, give 4 points.

If the dog does not do anything, gets confused, give 2 points.