Ten iPHONE-7 Features That No One is Talking About!


Another year passes by and Apple’s mobile operating system goes up by another number. The iOS 10 is anticipated as the most significant iOS redesign since the company overhauled its design with iOS 7 back in 2013.  Although a lot has been heard and said about the new launch, here as some features that you may have missed!

Compatibility: iOS 10 is available on your iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3 and above, iPad mini 2 and above or iPod touch 6th generation, basically the new update works with all devices unless of course you have an old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector.

1.Raise to wake

iPhone’s are finally catching up to Android and you now have the ability to raise your iPhone to wake it, fixing the ‘I missed the notifications on the lock screen’ when you touch the fast TouchID home button.

2.3D touch in the control center

Everyone noticed the new control center. It’s clean and has pages. You’re a swipe away from your music now. But what’s neat is that you can now use 3D touch on the Control Center to see different actions. You go Apple!

  • Pressing on the flashlight icon will give you three brightness options


  • Pressing the calculator gives the option to copy the last answer; press on the camera icon for that quick selfie.


  • Pressing on the timer icon will present predefined timer amounts


3.Take a photo while listening to music!

Every Apple iPhone user has experienced this- you launch the camera app while dancing out to your favorite song, only to have your music paused. Well, that no longer happens on iOS 10. Launch the camera app and your music will not stop! (Though taking a Live Photo or video will pause the music)


4.Clear all notifications button

What may be the best change to iOS 10 notifications is the ability to clear all of your old notifications with 3D Touch.
Gone are the days when you cleared each notification one-by-one. Say hello to a clean notification panel with just the touch of a button.


5.The ability to jump into the music app via multitasking

Everyone knows the struggle of having to go through your pages of apps on the lock-screen or having to look for the music app on the multitasker.  With iOS 10 you can quickly jump to the music app with the little music icon on the bottom. Goodbye pointless scrolling!


6. Assistive touch goes 3D

Gone are the days when you’ve got to press the home button repeatedly or open your assistive touch for the same. You can now simple 3D touch on your assistive touch button to make it your home button.

7. Call your favorite contacts right from the lock screen!

Instead of unlocking your phone by tediously typing in your password or placing your dirty fingers on the TouchID, you can now simply call your favourite contacts right from the lock screen by adding the ‘Favorites’ widget on your lock screen.


8. Spotlight search is now available on your lock screen

In a rush to book an Uber, you don’t have to go through opening your phone and going though pages for the app. Now you can simply use spotlight search from the lock-screen and quickly open your desired app and search the web in a giffy!


9. Individual read receipts on iMessage

Unlike Whatsapp, where the read receipt feature can be turned on/ off for all contacts. The iOS-10 lets you select the contacts for which you would like to avail this feature. So your best friend can see when you read his message, but you can hide it from your boss!



10. Photos takes you on a nostalgic trip!

Photos now has a new tab called ‘Memories’ which creates automated movies of events and occasions where you’ve captured a lot good moments. It is customized by mood and has two length options.


Time for an upgrade? Hell, yes!