10 Easy Lunch Box Recipes For Young Working Women


Young working women are busy 24×7. They hardly find time to prepare elaborate three-course meals. Young working women require easy and time-saving lunch box recipes which can be made in a jiffy off your kitchen self. And also should be nutritious, fat-free, as we would not like to ruin that young body.
Here we have lined up ten easy lunch box recipes for the women on the go.

1. Tomato Rice – Tomato, green chillies, boiled rice and salt. So quick.

2. Kathi rolls – Leftover rolls and leftover cooked vegetables, with some cheese and mayo, and ready to pack.

3. Vegetable Paratha – Some boiled chopped vegetables kneaded in Flour to make yummy parathas with achar or sauce on the side.

4. Dal Paratha – this one is for those lazy days when u have leftover cooked dal.

5. Soya Chunks Biryani – All time favourite

6. Masala Khichdi – With the goodness of all cereals and rice with tasty masala.

7. Broken Wheat Upma – most nutritious and easy to make. Just remember to put in as many vegetables as you can.

8. Rava Idli with Coconut Chutney – love the fat free feel.

9. Tawa Paneer with Plain Roti / Paratha.

10. Last but not the least our good old chapati and a green vegetable.

While it is easy to run out of ideas these will surely give you an easy way out. Not just for you but if you are cooking for a child, these will make a healthy treat to their stomach.