Sushma Swaraj Warned AMAZON OFFICIALS For Selling Indian Flag Printed Doormats


The joy and plight to see my country’s flag at the top cannot be matched with any other odd materialistic nano-second happiness. It’s the flag of a country that gives its citizens A RECOGNITION no matter where he lives and stays in this entire world. And something that gives us recognition in our life, should always be respected in the most subtle manner.

When it comes to the dignity and image of India in front of the world, Sushma Swaraj always makes it clear not to compromise on anything. Lately, she received or saw a screenshot of a website that came under her notice which was selling the doormats on which the national flag of country was printed on. The name of that website was – AMAZON. The doormats were sold in CANADA and within no time, Sushwa Swaraj took this matter into her hand and confronted the AMAZON OFFICIALS.

At first, she took the matter to the ‘Indian High Commission in Canada’ by tweeting this.

And after that, she posted a series of tweets where she made it clear that she means business and her warning should not be left ignored. Have a look at them.

An unconditional apology.

We will not grant VISA to Amazon Officials

I would personally want to thank Sushma Swaraj for standing up against this kind of immaturity and irresponsibility committed by the AMAZON OFFICIALS. It was interesting to see that many people on twitter started a campaign against the Amazon company where they have decided to boycott the use of their products and their service. As an observant writer, this is indeed a beautiful sight to watch where people are actually deciding to boycott something for a worthy reason. However, it would have been nice if they had done the same when various politicians wore the national flag around their neck and looted billions of money in the form of corruption.

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