Style Sheet for Men who are under Are Not As Tall As They’d Like

men dress taller tips

We are all smart and want to look chic in whatever we wear. The beard may look wow for him but not for you. And yes, the main concerning factor is the height. But, do you feel that being less than 5’6” puts you back in the line? Here are some simple tips to put you back in fashion to flaunt yourself and your dress up like a pro. Check this style sheet for men who are short.

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  1. Tuck it up

    Tuck the Shirt
    Tucking the shirt gives a clean and well-dressed look. This will surely impress the on looker and give you self-confidence. By tucking in you define the waist and this will make your legs look longer.

  2. Stop wearing extra-long pants

    wear pants right above the ankle
    Gone are the times when you used to wear crinkled jeans and formal pants that form layers over your footwear. Cut down your pant to show your ankles. Try folding the bottom part and feel the difference.

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  3. Dark + Dark is the key

    wear dark shirt with dark pant
    Sometimes you like to play it subtle while other times you may want to wear those bright hues. But the combination of a dark color shirt with a dark shaded pant will give you a fuller appearance. Dark colors highlight your features and when you highlight both the segments, it will give a taller look. This is a hack in style sheet for men.

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  4. Do not forget the Heels

    Wear elevator Shoes
    Converse are great for the workout session but not when you dress up. Invest in derby or oxfords with a reasonable heel. This will give you elegant and a add a few small points to make you look taller.

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  5. For the casual shorts

    wear shorts in style

    You can look impressive in shorts and shirt. As we said before, keep the shirts tucked or short. Loong shirts cover up your legs and will break the proportion. The same applies to the shorts, keep it above the knees to flaunt your legs thus creating a third proportion for a taller appearance.

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