Do You Struggle With Over Thinking? You Need To Read This!


Everyone has problems in their life. Some might be big, while others might be small. But the one thing about problems is that we all worry. We might worry to a point of insanity and it might become impossible to stop. But over thinking about a problem will not solve it.

One can either constantly worry, or think of a logical solution. Worrying and over thinking usually block us from reaching a rational pathway to help figure out our problems. But it’s easier said than done, right?

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For most of us, the more we push ourselves to stop thinking about a certain problem, the more we obsess over it. Has that ever happened? In such a scenario, ‘acceptance’ is the key. One should accept the problem and the impact that it has made on life. Only when you accept can you help yourself from letting it go.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that thinking about a problem cannot be stopped forcefully; it needs to happen on its own. If you distract your mind, indulge in temporary highs, or keep yourself busy to numb the pain, it will create a bigger issue. Even making relentless efforts to forget the problem will cause a bigger burden when you finally have to come face to face with it.

Using these techniques for short-term relief isn’t going to help. You are only using methods to calm your mind for the time being and leading it towards greater destruction in the future. You must strive to attain complete peace with your problems. The more you try to fight your mind in order to stop thinking about the problem, the more turmoil you will be in. It’s a classic case of a mind battling with itself. But in this case there is no winner and you will only be left with more anxiety.

The only way out of over thinking is to let it pass. Once your mind will be at ease with itself after accepting the difficult phase, only then will you to feel the relief.