Get the Perfect Body: 5 Easy Squats for Women


The task of cutting down the loose skin flaps to get a toned body is a rather tedious one. There no such solution, that you have a few pills over a week and turn out in perfect shape. It takes a good diet regimen and a healthy lifestyle. The role of exercise in maintaining a healthy body is inevitable. Squats are the best exercise for women to shed the excess fat from the butt and thighs.
There are several different workout routines available. Bringing about variations to your exercise regimen, you can make it enjoyable. Any exercise is best when it is started out in a slow mode and with practice, the repetition cycles and speed can be increased gradually.

You can always begin with the basic squat before you go on with the variations. They work on your thigh muscles and glutes. By exerting pressure on the muscles, you can release a good load of calories by working on the leg muscles.

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Basic Squat

Begin by taking the squat position by placing the legs part from each other to level with the shoulders. To level the body, squats are best with stretched out hands, but you can also place it on your hips. Now lower your body by bending the knees and keeping the spine straight. Push the hip down and go down till you form a 90 degree. Pause and then go up. Maintain the body in level so that the knees do not go beyond the toe.
Doing the same exercise for more than two weeks will stop showing evident results. That’s why you have to make some slight variations to the basic training like adding props to it or increasing the repetition.

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Variation 1: Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

The prop used in the goblet squat is a kettlebell. Here it is the same as the squat, but you are using a weight held in your hands right in front of the chest. This improves the strength of the hands and the glutes. You can also try squatting till 90 degrees and hold there.

Variation 2: Pulsing

Pulse Squat

This is an interesting squat variation where you go down till 90 degrees. And instead of returning to the standing position, you move a few inches up and then again go down. You can repeat as many pulses as you want and take a break by rising before going down for the next pulse session. This squat exercise can work wonders on the toning of the lower part of the body.

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Variation 3: Sumo Squats

Sumo Squat

The sumo squats are done with feet spread wide apart and the toes facing outward. It gives a new level of balance to the body and will turn out to be a new challenge. At this spread position, the knees will bend outward while squatting and a different set of muscles are worked upon rigorously.

Variation 4: Overhead Squats

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Overhead Squat
Overhead Squat

Once you get well acquainted with the basic squat, you can try the overhead squat. It is more of lifting rather than squatting where a bar rod is placed over the shoulder. With experience, you can add the bar rod to sumo and pulse squats.

Variation 5: Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat

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Stretch out your hands in front along with a leg stretched out in front. Now hold it there and do the squats. You can change to the other leg after a few repetitions.
There are other variations like the squat jump, split squats, dumbbell split squat, etc. You can try any variety once you have mastered the basic squats and add your variations.