Spying apps to catch the infidelity in a relationship


Is your partner making too many excuses whenever you ask him/her to spend time with you? Do you often find your partner smiling at the cellphone in spite of you being in front him/her?  Is he/she spending long hours away from home at the pretext of ‘overtime’. Here are some applications that will help you keep a check on your partner. Not that we encourage you to not trust your partner but better safe than sorry. Isn’t it?

Couple tracker


An app that works only if both the partners mutually consent to share digital activities. It is available on google play store and allows you to check each other’s text, Facebook activities as well as GPS locations. The drawback of this app is the fact that you can only access the first 30 characters of your partner’s text and monitor GPS locations within a half an hour interval. But that is quite alright to catch someone red handed.



This, too good to be true app is gives you unabridged information. Yes, we are talking about Facebook chats, texts, calls, locations and even contact entries. All you have to do is to download the app, register for a mCouple account and get a personal ID. You can act a little sly and download it to your partner’s phone before you hand him over the brand new cellphone as a ‘gift’. This was how you can catch him red handed without him having any inkling of the fact that you suspect him/her with someone.




For 40 dollars a month ( which is approximately 2600 rupees) you can monitor your partner’s skype accounts, text messages, phone calls, photos, videos and hi/her entire browser history. The app also comes with the facility of bundled packages, which means you can gift your loved one a brand new cellphone having the software preloaded without his/her knowledge.


My Kids-Footprint


Why on earth an app to track down Dennis the Menaces could possibly be ideal for trapping unfaithful partners? Well, unfaithful partners are sometimes as fickle as growing kids. Loaded with a real-time automatic tracking function, Find My Kids shares with you the exact current location of your partner. Its Geo-fencing feature raises an alarm every time your loved ones step out of a particular area. Speeding notification is a boon in disguise for those who consider safety the top priority for their partners.

The myriad of apps on the internet


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has its own perks when it comes to tracking your love interest. You can always keep a check on your partner by monitoring his check-ins, recent uploads of locations and photos that help keep the anxious partner at ease.

GPS trackers


Well thank God for the miracle that is technology. The GPS tracker must be downloaded to yours as well your partner’s phone. And thereafter you will forever be at each other’s surveillance in the form of a tiny icon on each other’s mobile screens. The click at the icon will enable you both to see each other’s exact location.