This Is The Sole Reason Why Generation Gap Is Difficult To Bridge These Days


The generation gap between parents and children nowadays is really difficult to bridge. The Indian parents are really protective of their kids and why shouldn’t they be? After all, they care and love their children too much.

The Education System has an important role in creating the gap. The new education system has led to an entirely different set of educational understanding and the system throws out the children in the pragmatic world and lets them find their way with it. Also, the enhancement in the education standards has helped children explore new possibilities of their career.

This leads to absolute lack of understanding. Putting the baggage of their unfulfilled dreams on their children is a common tendency among Indian parents. To bridge the widening gap, parents need to understand the basic phenomenon of today’s world and they need to realize that it is not their time. The time has changed and so do parents need to change their mentality. For this, parental counseling in various fields can be of great help. Go ahead and read the areas of parent counseling.

The world beyond blue and white collar careers-

The world has come a long way beyond the blue collar (plumbers, electricians, etc.) and white collar careers (engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) and our parents need to accept this fact. There has been a considerable rise in the yellow collar careers. Briefly describing what these career options are, Mala Martina, a serial entrepreneur says that it is a new genre of profession where the youth explores the possibility to unveiling the jobs in unusual and unique things. These jobs can be as a photographer, entrepreneur, fitness coach, etc.

Since these jobs were difficult to comprehend in the earlier ages, our parents are not quite used to adapting to such job possibilities.

Endless information from the internet-

Children are exposed to quite a lot of information from the internet. And it is normal for you to feel inferior while having a conversation with your child as he may make you feel that his knowledge is way more than you. But, it is no one’s fault. You will just go through a hard time to make your point significant in such cases.

 A set of new needs-

Children have a different set of needs from their parents apart from the basic survival needs. They want their parents to be emotionally supportive, hear their problem and then give them space to grow over and above that problem. But, Indian parents aren’t really comfortable with this space thing.

The new ways of making money-

The very usual engineering or MBBS degree doesn’t guarantee a decent job and above all a decent stipend. There is an overflow of competition in the regular fields.

The new generation has explored a different way of making money and that has surely led to increment in the bank balance. Entrepreneurship, stand-up comedy, online content creation are some of the jobs of the changing trend.

Multiple career scenario-

Gone are the days when there was only one career option. Now, there are various folds to career and you are just one step away from unfolding these. You need to give your child an understanding, a vision of the world but, do not impose a particular career on him. Do let him choose and make the mistakes. He will only learn and enhance.

Security is not the sole purpose of jobs-

Job security isn’t as important for children as it’s for their parents. There is no out of the box development in these professions that our parents talk about. You need to keep the security fear out of the path of your child’s career and let him explore, implement, make mistake and grow.