What social media tribe you belong to?


Social media is fun, a lot of fun. As everybody is different, the entire digital world is divided in several different groups that we call the tribes. There are ones who just tags everybody in their photos, and then there are people who decide to remain silent and wouldn’t let anybody know about their existence. There are the depressing ones quoting depressing quotes every now and then and there are teenagers who like to show others how cool their lives are. But what are you on the social media platform, care to find out? Let’s go.


Ardent follower


These people are usually the ones who likes every other photo, status and link that you post online. They don’t seem to have a personality of their own, they won’t post anything. They would just hit the like button and vanish in the thin air. There are chances that you may not know them at all in person, you have never chatted with them and you are somehow scared, creep alert eh!


The lurkers


They happen to be the most invisible of all the tribes on the social media. They never appear online but don’t be fooled by them. They may make themselves look like they are busy in their real lives but the truth is far away from that. They are there all the time, with the chat box offline and they would go through thousands of profiles in one sitting. They won’t reply to your messages just to come across as having a no- nonsense attitude. The truth has been spoken all you lurkers, you can come out now!


The show offs 



They feel a sense of extreme pride in letting others know that their life is an open book. They share each and every little event from their lives and hunt for likes and comments on them. They are generally the ones who would message you personally to like and share their photos or status updates. They would try and give you a glimpse into how amazing their lives are, to the jealousy of the others.


The Gamers



And there is this tribe. In the world of smart phones where they could literally download and play thousand of games, they choose Facebook to do that. They play online, and that is okay with us. Really, that’s okay. But when the notifications pop up that they have invited you to play an xyz game, now that’s brutal. It makes you want you to strangle to them, much less beating the hell out of them.


The event planners



Now there are these social media business class people who are just on the social network to grow their particular businesses. They would create events and invite all their friends to them. They would never reply to your messages nor is it a good idea to tag them in some photo or status. Their discipline won’t allow them to respond.

In the colorful world of social media, the tribes prevail, all of them.

So which social media tribe do you belong to? Be honest and ask your friends too simply by sharing this post.