Snapchat Is Making Spectacles With A Built-In Camera! Snap the world from your perspective now


Yes, it is official- the sky is turning a bit gray because of the onset of fall. In other news, Snapchat has just dropped the news that they will be launching a pair of glasses that can be used to record fifteen-second videos. Also, Snapchat has changed its name from Snap Inc., an indication that it wants to rebrand itself not just as any other social media messaging app, but shows signs of promise that it wants to test uncharted territories having grown to be valued at a whopping $20 billion and has over 150 million daily users who more than 1 billion snaps daily and have watched more than 10 billion videos.


The Big Rebranding


Changing the name of the company can steer the ship either way- Starboard like it happened in the case of Coca-Cola when they tried to introduce the new “Coke” but also port when Google silently went a rebranding exercise and went from Google to Alphabet Inc. for its long range of products.

Snap has till now received positive reviews and this may be the sign of better things to come.The company made a detailed announcement about it on its news page, where chief executive Evan Spiegel explained the new name as a logical decision: Since Snap is now making actual products that go beyond the chat-centric app, it only made sense, he said. Spiegel also insisted that the fun, familiar character of the brand would remain intact, joking that the change was more for the “Wall Street crowd” than anybody else.


The spectacles

The spectacles look goofy at best and are available for a price of $130 (INR 9100, roughly). They can record fifteen-second videos. One can operate them with a tap of a button near the arm will be able to record 10 seconds of video straight to the app. They will connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, shoot with a wide 115-degree, first-person view and take circular videos.

With these glasses, Snap Inc. is stepping into a market where established market leaders have failed (Think Google glasses that had garnered a lot of hype but failed to live up to the expectation). But the wearable market segment is on the rise- Fitness bands are becoming a real craze because of their affordable prices. First thing about these spectacles is the price and cost approximately what a pair of Google glass costs (Does it ring a bell?)


It’s been a couple of years since Wearable bubble popped and it is about to exceed the $30 billion mark by 2020 and though there are decent number of those swanky products out in the market and also possess an impressive sale graph, I would still not recommend a single variable unless for the nerds, who would have already grabbed a few of them.


What next?



Snap Inc. isn’t dreaming too big with Spectacles and wishes to pass them as a toy, just enough to goof around with them and make a few videos. Though it may face the same privacy issues as faced by Google glasses, but it is a new dawn in the wearable tech market and Snap definitely keeps it simple with its new product and also doesn’t make you look like a person straight out of Star-Trek.