Snapchat CEO Believes India Is “Too Poor” To Even Consider Expansion And Twitteratis Are Furious


While we are busy posting stories on Snapchat, the latest fad among the youth, Evan Speigel, the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat thinks differently. According to a source, in 2015 thought that India was too poor to be even considered for investing money.

In a meeting to discuss the app’s user base, an employee pointed out to Speigel that despite India having nearly one-seventh of the population in the world and the second biggest smartphone market in the world, why was the app’s penetration so low in the country. Speigel cut the employee mid sentence and said The app is only for rich people. He also went on to say that he is not interested in expanding in India and Spain.

A country too poor for his liking
Source-Business Insider

Snapchat has a user base of around 4 million in India as compared to 200 million of WhatsApp, 142 million for Facebook and 16 million for Instagram. At a time where major tech market players like Amazon, Uber, Alibaba and Softbank are betting high on the Indian market, these comments are highly disconcerting for a growing startup like Snapchat.

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That being said, the social media went into a furore and #boycottsnapchat was doing the rounds. We have compiled the best tweets and reactions from Twitter.

Deleting or not deleting the app is totally is your discretion, but isn’t it really shameful to call a nation poor! Trust us, his app is going be long gone from the country even before those near obnoxious stories disappear forever.

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