Smart Moves Towards A Fit You


The journey towards getting that perfect size zero is neither exciting nor easy. You are struggling hard, following your exercise routine everyday, avoiding all those high calorie meals and sticking to a non-engaging and mind-numbing leafy diet; but then your sweet tooth keeps reminding you of its cravings for sweets and sugar. Still you somehow manage to turn down all those temptations and achieve your targets and lo!

Your favorite desert comes in front of you to overdo all your efforts and give acceleration to all those temptations to eat it right away that you have been resisting so badly and can hardly surpass. What if, you can maintain that perfect physique still giving yourself some space and leniency to enjoy your favorite meals? Well, you can have that by rewarding yourself with a cheat day once a week by applying some smart tricks on how, what, and in what quantity to eat.

Killing two birds with an arrow:


This is the best way to satisfy your temptations still allowing least of the calories to rush down your blood streams. Just cut down on the calories you are consuming by splitting the deserts and meals you crave for in half. This way you can still get the taste of your favorite meals and only half of the calories will add on in your body to work out on.

Eat more yet eat healthy


Taking something healthy such as fruits, in every two hours, as a mid-meal snack can actually help in cutting down on the calories consumed during dinner and lunch.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!


Never give up on your exercise routine even on your cheat days. Exercise helps boost your mood and also impacts your quality of life.

Make smart choices

When the temptations and craving for a particular taste accelerates, look for smart options, and select the one that has fewer calories. A less calorie meal can also equally satisfy a sweet tooth as compared to a high calorie meal and also makes for a sensible choice.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then try out these smart moves. Share the article with other fitness freaks too..