Shobaa De Tried To Take A Dig At Mumbai Police, But Got An Epic Reply By Them


Shobaa De has lately been making news for all wrong reasons. At first, it was her Olympic remarks and now her recent take on Mumbai Police. We all know that Mumbai recently had its BMC elections for which Mumbai Police deployed a large number of forces so as to maintain law and order during such critical situations.

Various celebrities expressed their opinions on this year’s BMC election. Among them was Shobhaa De who tried her hands on the serious business of ‘TROLLING’. However, this time she messed up with the wrong one. It was the Mumbai Police whom she tried to troll. Have a look at what she tweeted.

Well, the picture is indeed funny. But not funny enough to relate it to the Mumbai Police forces who were apparently working hard to keep the city safe and under control. After her tweet, the Mumbai Police Force did something that was totally amazing. No, they didn’t file any F.I.R, but just simply tweeted to her about the picture that she used. Have a look at their reply.

Well, that was indeed required. Giving her a reply that she truly deserves. Sassy and classy, that’s how I see it. The picture of the policeman used in that image isn’t from Mumbai Police force. Secondly, this picture has been doing rounds on the Internet since a very long time. Making fun of Police Forces by using such nonrelevant images from the past is very insensible and stupid, something Shobhaa De isn’t known for.

Shobhaa De should keep in mind that ‘fat shaming’ isn’t so cool anymore. In fact, it’s not even considered as ‘cool’. She has been doing this for a while. Last year, when Kate Middleton visited India, Shobhaa De had the audacity to ‘body shame’ her by pointing out about her body structure which according to Shobhaa De, wasn’t meant for wearing Saree.

After Mumbai Police’s tweet to Shobhaa De, twitter users started their usual business, i.e TROLLING ! Have a look at some of the best tweets of the day.

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