How This School Is Asking For Fee, Will Make Your Heart Fill With Pride And Joy!!!


In this era where the fees for education is soaring high, there are some government schools providing free education facility. But above that, is this school in Chattisgarh that does not levy fees but asks the parents to pay by planting trees.

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What is the Whole Idea?

Instead of the fees that are paid on a yearly basis, the parents must plant a tree and take care of it like the school takes care of their child. The idea has led to a barren land being covered with greenery since it was put into action a year back. The fees have increased to three trees per year.

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It’s Shiksha Kuteer

You might be eager to know the name of the school. Shiksha Kuteer was started in July 2015 in the Bargai village and has 35 students enrolled. Education was not a priority in these villages until recent times and most of the students here are the first person in their families to be receiving school education. The school official says that this enrollment could be because there is no money involved here in educating the child.
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The Progress Made

Initially, the parents were asked to plant a sapling in their home and nurture it. But to their dismay, most of them died out in due course. This made them shift the location to a hill behind the school. Parents showed up with different kinds of trees and the school could cover two hills since the plan began.

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As any other school, they also went for a fee hike from one tree to three trees. The school now provides the parents with the seeds and other necessities to plant and take care of the saplings. This drive is intended to help bring the children close to nature. It will eventually also to help fight the problem of deforestation.