These Sarcasrtic Office Life Tweets Will Make You Go LOL KW-Office Life


We all know how much office life sucks. Everyone living being on the surface of this planet, who goes to office hates the letter “O”, because office life starts with “O”. Those tiresome 8-12 hours with people who are waaay out of your league, that work that you have know idea why you are doing and with that clock which seems to take a pause every-time you want to get out of the office. But magically, the clock runs super-fast when you have a lunch break. This is called office life. Anyways, everyone of us hates, disgraces and loathes office life due to a few reasons.

Some people have took to twitter to describe how office life feels in a really hilarious way.

So, here are tweets about office life that will definitely make you Laugh Out Loud:

1.That is what every office-going-person’s soul does after work. We feel you! *Cries Dramatically*



2. That just seriously got me “ROBL” … Rolling On The Bed Laughing, you moron. Because I am too lazy to get to the floor just to make it “ROFL” *Smiles Sarcastically*


3. Thank you so much for your sweet advice, dear. Thousands will do this from now on.


4.Damn! I am imagining the aftermath of this situation.


5. This is just #feels


6. LOL.


7.Pro Tip:Don’t open your mail too late. You will get a heart-attack.



8.That is 500% true.


9.What if that co-worker reads that tweet later on? Uh-Oh!


10. I would do that, like seriously. Conversation is so not my thing.


11. I know, I know.

12.The feels are real. We can’t even say “Stop”.

13. We mean serious business.

14. LOL. Sarcasm at its height.


These tweets really made my day because they know my soul. Well, we all know how much is boring office life sucks. Hope you had a good time reading. Share if these tweets match your feelings! Regards!