This Russian Photographer’s Dreamlike Portraits Evoke Land Of Fairy-Tales Unbelievably!


What I’m going to tell you is not just seem dangerous but actually, it is dangerous.

The devastating yet wow real-life interactions between humans and animals aren’t the photoshopped work. So, don’t suspend your disbelief and continue reading.

Ms. Plotnikova said “another tale about wonderland”

The Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova captured the surreal images along with the two professional animal trainers and what she created is not less than a wonderland or we can say fairytale in common.

So, take a look!

#Katerina Plotnikova, A Moscow-based photographer specializes in capturing dreamlike photos.

#She uses wild animals for her surreal photography.

#The combination of the juxtaposition of women and wild animal make the photos even more beautiful.

#That scary eyes is what Katerina needed

#She with the help of animal trainer capture these mindblowing pictures.

#These images seem like they would be right at home in Wonderland.

#The model also perfectly coordinate with the powerful creatures.


# Her images seem to be straight out of a fairytale.

#Simply amazing.

#Delicate beauty

#Tigress with the tiger.

#Come give me a hug 

Image Credit: Katerina Plotnikova Photography

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