Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plan Is Now Going To Destroy Every Single Mobile Network In The Market


There is no doubt that Reliance Jio is one of the fastest growing mobile networks in India. The reason for its intense speed and high growth rate is the fact that it is offering its services at free of cost. The word ‘FREE’ sells at a much faster rate than anything else in our country. Because of this, many other mobile networks are finding it hard to run their business.

Reliance Jio came up with its ‘Welcome Plan’ where it promised unlimited Data plans along with free calling till 31st December 2016. However, after that, it again surprised its customer base with yet another ‘Happy New Year Plan’ where they offered the same services with a limit of 1GB per day till 31st of March 2017. Many telco companies opposed this FREE service of JIO but when legal proceedings took place, it was found that JIO was working abiding by the rules and regulations.

However, before today, nothing was clear about what would happen after 31st of March 2017. But Reliance Jio today came with its new upcoming plans. One can enjoy the same services at the cheapest cost by opting for the ‘PRIME MEMBERSHIP’. In this membership offer, one will have to pay an initial cost of Rs 99 that will earn him the ‘PRIME MEMBERSHIP’. After that, he will be eligible for Rs 303/month plan where he will be getting 1GB per Day (30GB for a month) along with free voice and video calling.

The new Prime Membership plan will be valid until 31st of March 2018. Mukesh Ambani in his conference opened up a bit more about his company’s recent achievements. Have a look at them.

  1. Going by the analysis, around 7 customers are added to the Jio Network as every single second passes by every day.

2. The total consumption of data scores around 100 crores GB every month. In short, it makes roughly 3.3 crores GB per day.

3. Every day, more than 200 crore minutes of voice and video calls are being made on Jio Network.

It will be interesting to see how Jio will turn from a price disruptor to a people’s preferred mobile network when it will start charging people for the services that it is right now proving for free. It will be indeed a bigger challenge to hold down to the customer base.

There are more than 100 million subscribers linked to JIO network, hence, charging them all at once is definitely going to be a difficult task. The JIO company is currently on the riding seat as it has got support from its parent company RIL (Reliance Industry Limited) that invested around 1.7 Lakhs crores. It had also invested around Rs 30,000 crores last month for the copyrights, that will be eventually used for boosting networks.

This news has indeed made the other telco companies sweat their skin. After the entry of Jio in this telecom industry, many old telco companies has started to face a lot of heat in order to stay in the league. Market leader BHARATI AIRTEL has registered a drop of 54.9% in net profits in the third quarter of 2016/17 as compared to last year. Idea Cellular is going through a much worse phase. A total loss of Rs 383 crores has been confirmed by them in the same quarter.

So what do you think about Reliance Jio’s new move? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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