Reliance Jio Is Now Offering An Insane Speed Of 100 Mbps And Cheapest Smartphones In The Market


If there is any face that has indeed changed the FACE of the year 2016 for the internet users of India, it is definitely Mr. Mukesh Ambani where he just simply destroyed the whole of the Telecom Industry with his masterstroke by launching the most revolutionary scheme, JIO SCHEME. A free data plan for a data deficient country, in no way it would have a failure.

However, Reliance Jio is back again in the news with a bang where it has announced the rolling out of its JIO FIBER NETWORK SERVICE or FIBER TO THE HOME (FTTH) service which is currently working in Mumbai only. Reports suggest that the cable installation for the JIO FIBER was finished during the early period of November 2016.

According to one of the current users of this service, the JIO FIBER service is giving a fantastic and stable speed of around 70-100 MBPS which is currently free for the next three months. This service is expected to be launched in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

Apart from the amazing internet plan, Reliance Jio has also planned to launch the cheapest and affordable smartphone in the Indian market. Reliance JIO LYF Mobile phones will be available at a price of Rs 999 which will be 4G compatible. The price of their device will range from Rs 999 to Rs 1500 depending upon the model upgradations.

These phones will be having pre-installed JIO apps like JIO WALLET and MY JIO APP, which will make the use of these handsets quite easy. Many mobile companies in India focuses on either mid-range phones or the high-end range phones, however, the bottom portion of this category is usually left ignored and this is where Reliance Jio LYF is tapping on. The launch of these phones will indeed disrupt the Smartphone Market in India by giving the other makers a run for their money.

Currently, the main objective of Reliance JIO Network is to launch this service in top 100 cities of its list. They have also planned to deliver this service to enterprise locations that will provide multi-gigabit per second wireline data connections to the enterprises in these cities.

After the official launch of Jio Sims, their servers started to load heavily due to the engagement of millions of users and hence this has indeed affected their quality of service for providing a decent good speed. Because of this, in order to reduce data loading from their servers, they will be banking on WiFi-HUBS. They have planned to install around millions of WiFi Hotspots across India in the year 2017.

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