Reasons Why Gangs Of Wasseypur Is More Than A Movie


Love them, hate them, possibly even understand what’s going on in most of them, life is infinitely richer for Bollywood movie.
Bollywood movies have always served us the best whether love or drama. Inspirational movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Three Idiots, they have the best story line and also the cast is a bit too expensive. These movies have earned well too, of course, they have conveyed some real message to the Indian audience. On the other hand, if we talk about Anurag Kashyap’s movies they all are real plot based and what to say about the actors, they are just real. Dev-D, The Lunch box, Masaan, Queen and of course Gangs of wasseypur. These movies have just led me to love Bollywood more. Thanks to Anurag Kashyap who have served us such movies.

Now specifically if we talk about GOW it is the best movie ever. Real life drama, dialogues, songs, actions everything is just perfect. Also, it has two most talented actors of present Bollywood era namely Manoj Vajpayee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and watches them act together is nothing less than a treat for movie buffs like me. Moreover, the entire support cast of GOW was equally talented . The movie is a real life drama and successfully portrays the same.

I think the following elements of this film make it great:

1. Direction

The movie is remarkably well-directed, and there was no doubt for it is given the director is Anurag Kashyap. He has directed some brilliant movies in the past like Gulaal, Paanch, and Black Friday which were not able to establish themselves at the Box Office so well, though. However, the critic response to these movies was highly positive. I can nearly make the outcome that Anurag Kashyap is the Quentin Tarantino of India.



2. Dialogues

This movie is known for some excellent dialogues. Tigmanshu Dhulia, who was trained at National School of Drama and is an accomplished director but never acted before, was just superb as Ramadhir Singh. His display of confidence, clear oration, and of course “beta, tum se na ho paayega!”


3. Acting

The movie starred some excellent actors like Manoj Bajpai, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tigmanshu Dhulia and Huma Qureshi to name some. The movie didn’t star any big stars and I guess it didn’t need them. The acting was so brilliant and natural.



4. Music

Sneha Khanwalkar has given some excellent music for this film. Every background composition during the film seems to have been made for THAT particular scene. None of the hot shot singers sung a song in the film and never a need was thought for any. Refer to this making of the song “Taar Bijli se”



5. Details

For me, this is one movie in the Indian film industry, wherein detailing has been done to a microscopic level. Every time I watch this movie, I end up appreciating the way the director has gingerly molded even the smallest of elements in this cinema, that more than three-fourth of our directors doesn’t give a damn about.

Just, for instance, I came upon this detail in the pic below. And I was awestruck after noticing it. This screen shot is from a scene just post-independence, where Sahid Khan (played by Jaideep Alahwat) goes to meet Ramadhir Singh for the first time, along with his son Sardar Khan ,who at that time was a kid. There on a pillar in the background is written “God Save the Queen” , which is the National Anthem of Britain. A person with a great passion only can go to such level. God lies in details. Indeed.


One thing which made the movie great for me was the subtle portrayal of Hindu-Muslim culture in the UP-Bihar Belt. Remember the scene where Sultan goes to meet Ramadhir Singh for the first time? The scene where he asks for automatic guns.

Ramadhir Singh’s wife comes to him and asks whether she should serve the dinner. In a slightly lower tone, she asks if she should use ‘Chini-Mitti wale bartan’ (bone china utensils). Further, when she is laying the table, she tells someone in a suppressed voice only to bring Bone China utensils, because the guests are Muslims.

I couldn’t help smiling at this scene because it was so real for me. I have seen it play out so many times in small towns & villages, where people are courteous to each other and yet not comfortable sharing the same utensils. The scene was portrayed so subtly that majority of the audience miss it. For me that’s where the genius of GoW lies, there are so many scenes with hidden meanings which you can only appreciate when you are paying attention to every single element on the screen.


6. Strong female characters

In a GOW, it is refreshing to find not one but two strong, independent and expressive women (Durga and Nagma) in a movie based in very patriarchal Bihar.


Well, these are my observations about the movie. Hope you have noticed them too. This movie has affected me at some level and also I get to know about the reality. And if you haven’t watched it yet do watch it. It will give you some real drama and will surely increase your curiosity too. I am a big movie buff and this is by far the best Bollywood movie ever. So, I am going to watch it again. What you are up to guys lock yourself in the room, use headphones (of course) and let the thrill begin!