The reason why Nepotism is here to say, and it is called Economics!


Nepotism is the buzzword of Bollywood today, and everyone has begun to throw it around. Forget about what happens in the theatres, with only half a dozen good movies being produced per year, but what these stars talk about outside of these theatres do seem to catch our attention even more. Viral articles replayed televised news and Page 3 epithets.

Here a few reasons why Nepotism is here to stay-

1. Nepotism drives the TRP

Image Credits- Indian Express

As soon as Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan made themselves comfortable on the couch on the sets of Koffee with Karan, we knew what was always in store. They would rage, debate, shout, take digs, and the most important of all, drive TRPs. We all know how news channels operate in their TRPs, with politicians screaming on top of their voices, and the television brainiacs have now decided to opt this model for television, Television Economics rule number 1, more TRPs, more the money.

2. Nepotism drives up the Image

Image Credit- Topyaps

The sons and daughters of famous former actors are always more marketable than the newcomers who are trying to make a footing in the competitive Bollywood sphere. Add television Economics states that more the marketable the actor is, more it can rake in the moolah. This is the reason why Shah Rukh and Salman are still eating the Cinema stew.

3. No one cares about talent as long at it sells

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As Saif Ali Khan states, talent is in the genes, but as the world knows it, it isn’t because otherwise Saif Ali Khan would be playing Ranji Cricket instead of shooting ads with him selling alcohol by hitting golf balls. This is the reason why Salman Khan is still a star.

4. The Wage Disparity

Image Credits- Bollywood Bubble

No matter what the idealists living on the virtual Twitter world would like to say, there exists an enormous pay disparity, which is partially fuelled by the Male dominance and chauvinism prevalent in the country. That is why Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan are still acting, and Juhi Chawla is way out of the whole Bollywood scene