R. Ashwin Got Bashed Up By Twitteratis After Recieving ICC Awards – Reason Is Shocking To Core


Ravichandran Ashwin made India proud when he received two of the ICC Awards 2016 for his amazing performances. He was awarded ICC Cricketer of The Year Award and ICC Test Cricketer Of The Year Award. Later that day, he shared a video of him thanking everyone who supported him.

However, as soon as his video was shared on social media, people on Twitter started bashing him up. And the reason for their outrage against Ashwin is because of his negligence or arrogance (that’s what they say it now) to exclude and omit the name of M.S Dhoni in his thank you speech.

If we look into the records, Ashwin did excel under the captaincy of M.S Dhoni. M.S Dhoni was always the one who backed Ashwin when he was not performing up to the expectation.

This is what Ashwin spoke in his thank you speech.

“I’d like to dedicate this award to my family. I’d like to thank ICC and most importantly my team-mates. I’d also like to thank the support staff for our success. We’ve had a great transition ever since Mahendra Singh Dhoni hung up his boots. A young captain has taken over, we fell on the right track, and we now have a new bunch of boys.”

However, his thank you note didn’t appear nice to the twitter users who immediately started expressing their frustration through such tweets.

They accused him of being CRUEL.

They felt ashamed.

Did they miss something ?

They were disappointed.

He didn’t thank him

They accused him of being arrogant.

Well, we can pretty much see how frustrated and irritated are the people on Twitter. What are your reactions about his Thank You note. Is his thank you note blown out of proportion, or did he really omitted M.S Dhoni’s name on purpose because of any possible friction between them.