The Prices of the Tickets to The Justin Beiber Concert got announced, and Twitter is not taking it lightly


Twitter is said to be the microcosm of the society, and it is rightly so. If one finds something somewhere wrong, he puts it upon on twitter and the social revolution begins. Similarly, on Tuesday, the tickets to the Justin Beiber concert that will take place in Mumbai went up for sale and the prices were breaking the ceiling. As an honest Indian, who have taken to the fact that posting anything on the social media is his birthright(or to put it mildly, convenient activism), took over twitter causing a flurry of tweets, some enough to make you roll on the floor until it probably swept clean.

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But even though the prices were ridiculous, it didn’t take long before the VIP tickets got sold out. The VIP tickets not only allowed you to get entry into the front enclosures but also gave you the opportunity to hangout backstage and get an exclusive hamper, and who knows, perhaps meet Beiber himself.

Beiber is a Grammy-winning Canadian pop star who first rose to limelight with his single Baby. Since then, he has gone on to make strides and has become a celebrity. He will also perform in Dubai and Tel Aviv as a part of his purpose tour. The concert will take place at DY Patil stadium in Mumbai on May 10th.

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