Pictures Of Women In Dresses Against Backgrounds Of The Most Beautiful Places Is Simply Awesome


It is the birthright of every princess (girl) to dress like a fairytale and wander wonderlands in flowy glittery gowns and get captured to keep this feeling alive always.

And, what if we inform about a girl who can transform your dream into reality?

Yes, there is a girl named Kristina Makeeva, and she is a photographer by profession. She works to convert the fairy tale dreams of girls into reality.

Check these pictures here:

1. Place: Cathedral Mosque In St. Petersburg, Russia
    Model: Aygul

2. Place: Paris, France, Tour Eiffel
    Model: Vera Brezhneva

3. Place: Petit Palais, Paris, France
    Model: Vera Brezhneva

4. Place: Cappadocia, Turkey
    Model: Katya Zaytseva

5. Place: Valensole, Provence, France
    Model: Svetlana

6. Place: Cappadocia, Turkey
    Model: Masha

7. Place: Louvre, Paris, France
    Model: Vera Brezhneva

8. Place: Opéra De Paris, Palais Garnier, Paris, France
    Model: Vera Brezhneva

9. Place: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia
    Model: Darian

10. Place: Moscow Firework Festival, Russia
      Model: Nina

11. Place: Poppies And Delphinium Field, Crimea
      Model: Nastya

12. Place: Cappadocia, Turkey.
      Model: Maria

13. Place: Poppies Field, Crimea
      Model: Nastya

14. Place: Finolhu, Maldives
      Model: Nastya

15. Place: Finolhu, Maldives
      Model: Nastya

16. Place: Cappadocia, Turkey

17. Place: Cappadocia, Turkey.
      Model: Nina

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