This Picture Of Rahul Gandhi & Akhilesh Yadav During Their Rally Is Now On A Roll For Twitter Jokes


Since the dawn of Rahul Gandhi’s debut in politics, he has been subjected to a various numbers of trolls. The campaign for general election of 2014 was indeed a setback for him on personal and professional level. He did try to overcome and is still doing that. Recently his party, Congress set an alliance with Akhilesh Yadav’s party BSP to fight against BJP in the UP election 2017.

Hence, both of them started off with a rally in Uttar Pradesh on 29th January 2017, but what really caught the limelight was this picture of Rahul Gandhi where he was seen avoiding the street light wires with a very cautious effort. Meanwhile, Akhilesh Yadav was seen enjoying the hilarious reaction to it. However, people on twitter didn’t lose this golden opportunity to yet again troll him like they always did.

Well, this alliance can indeed change the tides of the current election scenario in Uttar Pradesh. However, it is this picture which made its way to twitter and became the topic of discussion within no time. Check out some of the hilarious tweets which were way to funny and witty.

Well, these picture with appropriate captions were indeed funny and hilarious at the same time. When the conference was held, they emphasized the on the importance of this alliance through this ‘Ganga-Yamuna’ metaphor.

“Ganga-Yamuna ek soch hai, ye jahan milti hain unko pehchana nahi jaata ki ye Ganga hai aur ye Yamuna, aisa alliance hoga (Ganga-Yamuna is one thought, where they meet, you can no longer differentiate between Ganga and Yamuna, that’ll be the nature of this alliance).” “Agar cycle ke do pahiye hain, to hum aur Rahulji do pahiye hain. Yeh vikas ka bhi pahiye hai, khushali ke bhi pahiye hain (Rahul and I are the two wheels of the cycle, the wheels of development and prosperity),” Akhilesh Yadav

So what are your views about this picture and more over about this alliance and their thought about it. Please share your views in the comment section below.